Trae Waynes: Wait to officially sign with Bengals has been a headache

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Cornerback Trae Waynes agreed to a three-year, $42 million contract with the Bengals early in the free agency period, but that agreement hasn’t been followed by an official contract at this point.

The Bengals are waiting to formalize things until Waynes can take a physical with the team’s doctors and that wait continues even though Waynes has moved to Cincinnati ahead of his first season with the team. Waynes’ agent said recently that the cornerback has been advised not to do any football drills or otherwise risky workouts because of that decision.

During a recent appearance on the Behind the Mask podcast, Waynes shared his frustration with the process.

“That sh–‘s terrible. It’s still going on for me,” Waynes said, via “I signed here, but I ain’t really sign here. It was cool at first and I’m thinking it’ll be done and over with. Ninety percent of the league, it’s done for them. I know Cincy and a couple of other teams, they still ain’t pay nobody or let them take their physicals, so it’s technically still going on. . . . How am I supposed to make myself better, without being able to push myself the way I want to push myself to have success? For me, the free agent thing, it was cool, I was excited for it, but it’s been a f–king headache since it really started.”

Training camp is set to start on July 28 and it’s unclear if Waynes will be able to get the physical taken care of before that point.

19 responses to “Trae Waynes: Wait to officially sign with Bengals has been a headache

  1. It`s a unfortunate situation but the Bengals AND THE OTHER TEAMS doing it aren`t wrong.
    I would want my doctor to pass a players physical before paying him 42 million too. Not every doctor is of the same quality or character.
    And if you want to feel sorry for a guy who`s made 20m the last 5 years for not getting paid during the off season of a pandemic in which he`

  2. On the other hand, nobody else would pay you anything close to what they will.

  3. And lets not forget that since he isn`t signed he could still go sign somewhere else if he wanted so i`m not going to feel sorry for a guy that has complete control of a situation and then whines about how things are going. If somebody else offered him 3 years 43 million tomorrow he would go there but it`s all about the money so he can shut up until he passes their physical or he can take less money and sign somewhere else but don`t act like a victim.

  4. You about to be on the outside looking in. There has to be more to this than we are hearing. Just like someone else said he could sign with anyone else and it does not look like anyone is knocking down the door at this point. If you are already crying to the public that is a red flag which might cost you in the long run.

  5. Dude is just breakin’ my heart with this tragic situation he has to endure …..

  6. Trae….may want to push away from the microphone bruh. Nobody else is going to pay you 42 mil. Already a locker room cancer.

  7. He should just do commercials this summer. After all, he must have dozens of top brands lining up for him to be their spokesperson.

  8. C’mon Bengals, you’ve put it off long enough. Get your guys signed.

  9. When I hear someone use the word ain’t instead of didn’t I can’t help but question intelligence…btw 90% of free agents ain’t signed yet and the Bengals didn’t invent COVID your payday will come before camp starts

  10. Wouldn’t be surprised if they had buyers remorse and told him to kick rocks as they alerted gonna re sign Dennard to a cheaper deal. They really don’t need him as William Jackson is the #1 cb, put Darious Phillips at 2, Mackenzie Alexander at 3 and a re-signed Dennard at four and pay about 25 million less. I don’t like this guy already.

  11. Meh on the use of “ain’t”. During his time in MN his interviews were always good and he sounded like a pretty intelligent guy. I question his contract value given is average coverage skills, but not his intelligence, diction or speech capabilities.

  12. He is so fortunate to be out of MN – especially after everything that has happened.

  13. Trae ain’t humble no mo.

    Seriously, wsa the quitest player on the defense year after year.
    They aren’t signing him til July 28th.

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