Andy Reid thinking about coaching into his 70s now

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The Chiefs now have a quarterback under contract for the next 12 seasons.

They also have a 62-year-old coach.

But Andy Reid said during his videoconference about his star quarterback’s new deal that he’s suddenly feeling young.

“I haven’t gotten to the point mentally where I’m thinking about retirement,” Reid said. “I love doing what I’m doing. . . .

If it takes me into my 70s, let’s roll.”

Mahomes and Reid have obviously formed a successful partnership, and there’s no reason to not continue it. As talented and deserving of the money as the quarterback may be, he also fell into the perfect situation, with one of the best offensive minds football has known, and Reid has developed him into the kind of player who gets monstrous contracts.

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  1. I love seeing this. Andy Reid, in my opinion has always been as good a coach as there is in the NFL, but he never had the luxury of a HOF QB, so he never won a super bowl. Just as soon as he acquired a HOF QB, he starts winning super bowls. Now Andy is a first ballot HOFer, and you won’t hear the silly comments about his bad coaching.

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