DeSean Jackson posts anti-Semitic quote on social media

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Eagles wide receive DeSean Jackson has been using his Instagram account to share anti-Semitic posts with his 1.4 million followers.

Jackson posted an image of what he said was a quote from Adolf Hitler saying, “the Jews will blackmail America. [They] will extort America, their plan for world domination won’t work if the Negroes know who they were.”

The quote does not actually come from Hitler, although Jackson appeared to think it was genuine.

Jackson has also been sharing quotes from Louis Farrakhan, the anti-Semitic and homophobic leader of the Nation of Islam.

After receiving criticism for his social media posts, Jackson said they were misconstrued.

“Anyone who feels I have hate towards the Jewish community took my post the wrong way,” Jackson wrote. “I have no hatred in my heart towards no one!”

The Eagles have not commented on the matter.

74 responses to “DeSean Jackson posts anti-Semitic quote on social media

  1. We all need to come together. This is the kind of thinking that divides us.

  2. Social media is a place that people go to prove that they are stupid.

  3. What an idiot. Posts a quote from Hitler and then proceeds to tell everyone not to misunderstand him. Who else thinks he gets away with this nonsense? Imagine the outcry if a white player had referenced Hitler in ANY context.

  4. Probably never a good idea to quote Hitler without simultaneously saying you are against the quote.Mr. Lurie what do you think?

  5. As they say you can’t fix stupid. If it can be misconstrued maybe you shouldn’t post it.

  6. complete jerk, in the middle of all this racial awareness? so equality for all but one group- clearly not a very intelligent person, there is no “misconstruing” that kind of post. why is there always a need to blame others and so much hatred in peoples hearts?

  7. Malcolm Jenkins, do your thing…right? Oh, we’re not doing that this time.

  8. Great, you have admitted your ignorant. Would love to hear the explanation why you posted this? With everything going on, how does it help your cause when you make negative statements about another group of people that have been slaughtered by the man your quoting?
    6 million people BTW

  9. This will blow over soon. The media won’t crucify him the way they would if the posts were coming from someone else. He’ll skate on this.

  10. Pretty sure you can’t quote Hitler (or intend to) and then claim people took your post the wrong way. It’s anti-Semitic no matter who said it… Famous Person Rule #1, never quote Hitler.

  11. My God if any white player had posted this on their Social Media there would be a massive outcry calling a racist and a bigot he would then be hounded and made to remove it and apologies for his behaviour so why is Jackson not

  12. “My words were misconstrued….”

    Of course. The go to phrasing of the unaccountable individuals in the world. These players need to show better judgement before going on social media.

  13. I am offended. I want him out of a job! Come on, woke America. You can’t support him, right? Oh, he gets a pass because he’s on your side. Got it. Nothing will come from this. The “woke” cancel culture will label him a hero. I’m glad my parents raised me better.

  14. Can we talk about the inequality amongst racist behaviors? This is racist, the apology doesn’t negate this; imagine this was Watt or Brees saying this, they would be scorched by the media.

  15. As an Eagles fan who has a vested interest in Desean’s success, I still feel we cannot have double standards in these times. Racism is racism and he should not be able to hide behind his own race or saying he was simply passing along the words of another. Ignorance has not been a successful defense of other people in similar circumstances. Maybe Malcolm Jenkins can lecture to him like he did Brees.

  16. We will now see the real NFL. Players are upset about team names. How upset will the players be about the Jackson posting? I bet nothing will be done by the two faced players. This is just another a lot of fans could care less about the NFL,NBA and MLB.

  17. Well,Jackson never was the sharpest tool in the shed.

    From his known gang ties to his punk behavior on the field, and now this. Black Lives Matter is all about treating individuals with respect and equality regardless of skin color, and then he posts anti-Semitic material and then claims people are taking it the wrong way. Way to take the wind out of the sails of a needed movement by perpetuating similar despicable behavior, and then you accuse others of taking it the wrong way? Classic……

    Jackson should be the one without a job in the NFL, and not Kaepernick.

  18. It’s really tough to quote Hitler and Farrakhan and not come off as anti-Semitic.

  19. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for him to get the public shaming Drew Brees got, nor will I wait for his teammates to appear on the morning talk shows to share their opinions on the matter.

  20. So he has no hatred in his heart towards “those” people…

    He just likes sending out 1.4 million statements that preach the need for those people to be destroyed.

  21. How could anyone take his post the wrong way? He laid it right out there. Why did he post it in the first place?

  22. It’s been hilarious already to watch everyone on social media invoke Riley Cooper in some twisted defense of DeSean Jackson, as if people were like ‘haha yeah dude!!’ when the Cooper video came out years ago.

    News flash: they’re both idiots. And it’s perfectly ok/appropriate to say so.

  23. I am actually surprised this story is here. There is in no way shape or form to “misconstrue” what Jackson posted. Anyone who aligns in any way shape or form with Farrakhan is an anti Semite. Period.

    Yet, this will receive zero to little blowback from the media, or his fellow athletes. Which is pretty freaking pathetic.

  24. “I have no hatred in my heart towards no one!”. Did this guy take any English classes at Cal Berkeley?

  25. Thank God he knows how to play a sport at a high level, because his brain works on a pretty low one.

  26. Will not be surprised when he suffers no loss of income, stature or clals to retire.

  27. I’m African American and completely agree with the posts here about there being a double-standard. All racists should be treated the same! Ir this was a white player, the media would be calling for him to be fined, suspended and/or cut!

    That’s exactly what should happen to him. Jackson’s been a jerk since the minute he entered the league and now we know that he’s an all out racist, too!

    Cut him and blackball him!

  28. Time to get Richie Incoginto’s agent on the phone to see if he can take a year off, get the rest of his STUPID out of his system and get back on the field with the Raiders.

  29. How long before this post gets buried by Washington name change, COVID cases, and rioting?

  30. He “quotes” Hitler and Farrakhan, may as well try out some Stalin, Mao, Idi Amin and Pol Pot while you are at it.

    If the NFL does not come out with a video denouncing this and if he is not cut and run out of the league, the league has no credibility on race/ethnic/religion…..oh wait, they had none before today.

    Just move along, nothing to see. The NFL is running their fans off.


  31. Funny how some are totally immune to discipline, outcry, and the cancel-culture while others are being absolutey crucified. The president isn’t running this nation, the angry mob is and it’s malignant.

  32. How is this remotely OK? IT”S NOT!!!! His contract should be voided immediately and he should be looking for a new job in this environment just as other s have for saying a lot less…

  33. Are we sure he can run a route correctly? He is about as bright as a burnt out light bulb.

  34. I highly doubt anything will come of this outside of a carefully worded apology from someone in the team PR department.

  35. He should be cut immediately but he won’t because of the double standard.

  36. Yeah where is Malcolm Jenkins on this subject? Where is the mainstream media, where is Shannon Sharpe or Bayless on this subject? Drew Brees had to issue something like 517 apologies for his remarks.

  37. We’ll soon learn that either A) His social media was hacked, or B. This was a misunderstanding caused by the fact that he’s a deep-thinking genius who deals in ironical humor that the rest of the world just isn’t smart enough to understand.

  38. Hate, ignorance, foolishness. Quoting [you think] Hitler on social media. Individuals need to stop sharing their idiotic impulses on social media.

  39. I was happy when the Eagles brought him back, but this is ridiculous – he has to go.
    Take your tiki torch, DeSean, and go home.
    There are not very fine people on both sides.

  40. You gotta keep your woke level in check on some subjects. DeSean is no intellectual.
    I think Ice Cube quoted something very similar a few weeks ago, it died down.

    Had they cut Riley Cooper on the spot a few years ago, they would’ve had a pass to cut DJ now. But they didn’t, and that will haunt them if they cut DJ now. The social media mob will remind them that their justice wasn’t even handed when it dealt with a black player. We know how this movie ends.

  41. Where is Malcom Jenkins? he couldnt keep his mouth shut when Brees said something now could he.

  42. Funny how some people are so irate about one twit from a 3rd tier football player but are oblivious to the 400 years of mistreatment of the African American community in America. There’s no comparison. If we treat the African Americans like real Americans, I don’t think you’ll see twits like this.

    Taking care of the first wrong, we’ll take care of the second wrong.

  43. As they said, “If you’re not speaking out against prejudice and racism, you’re condoning it.” So NFL folks, the ball is in your court.

  44. So Chip Kelly was a racist for releasing Jackson but Jackson is not a racist for posting 2 different quotes from racists.

  45. How could it be taken the wrong way? Hold this guy’s feet to the fire, just as we have for everyone else who shot their mouth off like he did.

  46. I’m surprised he didn’t use the “I was hacked” excuse. Instead “You took my post wrong.” I’ll remember that the next time he’s offended by something.

  47. whenwilliteverend says:
    July 7, 2020 at 2:47 pm
    I’m surprised he didn’t use the “I was hacked” excuse. Instead “You took my post wrong.” I’ll remember that the next time he’s offended by something.


    Or the other famous celebrity cop out, “What I said, was taken out of context”.

  48. Colin Kaepernick is shunned by NFL for kneeling (I don’t agree with kneeling during National Anthem), but DeSean is allowed to post anit-Semitic quote and nothing happens, but an apology at this point.

    This country is struggling with a pandemic and racial tension, cops are being fired for posting inappropriate photos thought to be reenactments of the actions leading to the riots, but DeSean is allowed to post such thoughts.

    The NFL, the Eagles, the NFL Players Union all need to push to have DeSean banned for life from NFL. This is conduct unbecoming of a human being. Kapernick protested in a manner that was not offensive to being a human being, he took an action he believed was needed to make a point, but never attacked anyone based upon their race, religion or sexual beliefs. DUMP DeSean and bring Kapernick back, even if I don’t agree with Kapernick’s method of protest it was his right and I support the chance to protest without harming others.

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