Lamar Jackson cancels South Florida event

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson’s canceling a South Florida event, rather than go forward with his “Funday with LJ” event with requirements for waivers and masks.

According to Jonas Shaffer of the Baltimore Sun, organizers for the event announced that more people had signed up for the event than local officials were going to allow, so they canceled rather than turn away anyone.

It’s a quick turnaround, a day after Jackson promoted the event on social media.

The two-day kids event in Pompano Beach was supposed to include flag football games, go-karts, and water slides. But fine print on the flyer noted the need for children to sign a waiver. That post has since been deleted.

Florida is among the country’s hotspots for COVID-19, making calling the event off the safe and prudent play.

5 responses to “Lamar Jackson cancels South Florida event

  1. Maybe buy them some fishing rods and tackle? It’s the only activity we have left.

  2. Act as though Covid is no big deal by what they do yet require waivers, just in case. Including Trump. Playing both sides of the fence?

  3. Why didn’t they ticket the event and limit it. Someone does not have their act together. (Whether it should occur at all is a fair question, but you should easily be able to limit an event, even if it is free.)

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