Lions make three additions to their personnel department

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The Lions have made three additions to their personnel department ahead of training camp and the 2020 season.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the team now lists Ademi Smith as a scouting assistant on their website. Caio Brighenti and Michael Pelfrey are on the staff as analytics assistants.

Smith and Pelfrey have interned with the Lions in recent years. Pelfrey also had an eight-month stint with the Giants.

Brighenti is a 2020 graduate of Cornell University who was a finalist in the NFL’s 2020 Big Data Bowl. He also created a “boo-meter” to analyze online fan reactions to team picks as well as their reaction to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who received 80 “boos” in his first 30 seconds on screen during this year’s draft.

4 responses to “Lions make three additions to their personnel department

  1. The Lions are the Browns of the NFC, only difference is that the Browns actually have a decent rebuild going, the Lions continue to spin their wheels making poor drafting decisions and not thinking about Stafford’s broken back. It will be many more years before the Lions can compete in the NFL.

  2. My Lions are great at adding personnel… just stink at finding, adding, developing quality players.

    So much activity… such pathetic results. Billion dollar Travesty.

    When fans stop paying them to watch garbage… maybe it will change.

    As long as Lions fans are happy with Sunday ‘entertainment’… where winning isn’t expected, nothing will change.

  3. We got the Boo Meter guy?

    Good we’re gonna need the best of the best to keep up with the boos.

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