Melvin Gordon knows “there can only be” one No. 1 back in Denver

Getty Images

Melvin Gordon and Phillp Lindsay have said the right things about sharing time in the Broncos backfield since Gordon signed with the team in March and there’s been talk about using the two of them together, but things rarely break down in a 50-50 split once teams start playing.

Gordon acknowledged as much during an appearance on NFL Network. He said he hopes to make for an “electric” partnership with Lindsay and thinks they can make a strong 1-2 punch for Denver, but knows that only one of them can be the lead in that combination.

“We’re gonna compete for that spot,” Gordon said. “I know it’s his territory. You gotta take the humble route, but I’m a competitor at the end of the day. I’m gonna compete and he is, too. I’m just gonna put my head down and work and see where I’m at. But you’re right, there can only be, there’s a No. 1 guy and a No. 2 guy — it is what it is. I’m gonna go work and get mine.”

If both backs are able to get theirs, any imbalance in terms of snaps and touches should be smoothed over by improvement in the overall output of the Broncos Offense.