NFLPA still seeking no preseason games as talks with NFL continue

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The NFL and the NFLPA continue their talks Tuesday, trying to figure out a working plan both sides can live with while practicing and playing during a pandemic.

So far, they have yet to reach an agreement on the number of preseason games, Mark Maske of The Washington Post reports.

The sides’ joint medical committee recommended one or two preseason games. The league wants a two-game preseason, with the NFLPA seeking no preseason games.

NFLPA president JC Tretter was critical of the league in a post on the NFLPA website. He wrote that after initially accepting recommendations from a joint committee of doctors, trainers and strength coaches that the league is unwilling to follow the committee’s recommendation of a 48-day training camp and is “unwilling to prioritize player safety and believes that the virus will bend to football.”

The NFL believes Tretter’s statement is misleading, Maske reports, with the league insisting it is working with the NFLPA on health and safety issues, while following the recommendations of the joint medical committee.

4 responses to “NFLPA still seeking no preseason games as talks with NFL continue

  1. The NFL does not need to negotiate with the players on this. The NFL is negotiating voluntarily.

    I think 2 preseason games are needed this season more than ever. Yes, needed to practice game day protocols for dealing with the virus, but also preparing players for a season. Putting a good product on the field matters! Last time I checked I still pay a bill every month that allows me to watch NFL games. They are making money off me whether I am in the stands ot watching the game on TV. I expect them to provide the best product possible. Zero preseason games means a inferior product in September. I back the NFL on this and not the NFLPA.

  2. X number of guys are going to get hurt the first few games no matter what. If it’s preseason they get hurt then, eliminate the preseason and they’ll get hurt the first few regular season games. The part that no preseason will likely hurt is the quality of play the first few weeks of regular season. It’s tough to get certain things down in practice and even a limited preseason helps with cohesiveness. I expect you’ll see some very sloppy play the first few weeks.

  3. Hopefully they just cancel the season and people get used to NO football and it would be great to see it go under entirely…

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