Quinton Dunbar adds second attorney to legal team in alleged armed robbery case

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Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar has added a second attorney to his legal team as he disputes charges of an alleged armed robbery with New York Giants cornerback Deandre Baker in May.

According to Daniel Wallach of TheAthletic.com, Dunbar submitted a notice to the Broward Country court that he was adding the law firm of Michael D. Weinstein as co-counsel to Michael Grieco on his case.

The addition of a second attorney would seem to indicate the case may not be disappearing as quickly as Dunbar had hoped and anticipated.

Both Grieco and the lawyers representing Baker had made several statements to the public disputing the accounting of events from the night in question. Grieco called the whole thing “a fabrication” as he said he had several signed affidavits saying Dunbar wasn’t involved in any alleged incident. Baker’s attorneys had similar statements in hand as well and stated they believed the case would be dismissed.

The case has not been dismissed yet.

Baker, Dunbar and a third assailant allegedly robbed four individuals of their valuables, mainly watches, and cash at a party. Witness accounts in the report varied as to whether Dunbar had a firearm. At least one witness said Dunbar was in possession of a semi-automatic firearm.

The incident supposedly flared up while attendees were playing card games, video games and gambling. An angered Baker allegedly flipped over the card table and pulled out weapons with Baker even instructing the third participant in the robbery to shoot one of the attendees. No shots were fired but the trio made off with over $70,000 worth of estimated cash and valuables.

3 responses to “Quinton Dunbar adds second attorney to legal team in alleged armed robbery case

  1. He can bring in Perry Mason if he wants; it ain’t gonna stop him from going to jail. As with DeSean Jackson, bad things happen to people when they leave the Redskins.

  2. Wait, I thought his attorney said he wasn’t even there and the charges would be dismissed. What about all those affidavits he supposedly had saying he wasn’t there? Sounds to me like his lawyer’s nose is about ten feet long now. He can add all the lawyers he wants, he’s probably toast and all he’s doing is giving all his money away to the lawyers. On top of that, his NFL career is probably over. When you do dumb things, expect dumb results.

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