Report: DeSean Jackson speaks to Philadelphia rabbi, pledges to educate himself

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Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson appears to recognize that he has significant work to do after making anti-Semitic social media posts.

According to John Clark of NBC Sports Philadelphia, Jackson and his representatives spoke to Philadelphia rabbi Doniel Grodnitzky and Jackson has pledged to educate himself.

Jackson posted on social media what he said was a quote from Adolf Hitler saying, “the Jews will blackmail America. [They] will extort America, their plan for world domination won’t work if the Negroes know who they were.” He has also posted approvingly about Louis Farrakhan, the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader. He issued an apology today and both the Eagles and the NFL issued statements condemning his posts.

The report also said Jackson personally apologized to Eagles owner Jeff Lurie and General Manager Howie Roseman, both of whom are Jewish.

38 responses to “Report: DeSean Jackson speaks to Philadelphia rabbi, pledges to educate himself

  1. Next off-season he should visit one of the former concentration camps during WWII and get a first-hand look at why his comments were so inappropriate.

  2. Ok action steps are important as long has has learned and understands

    DJax think before you post something or get off that social media crap altogether

  3. There is a reason chip kelly got rid of the toxic terrible character DeSean Jackson the eagles never won with him then after they get rid of him they win the superbowl howie Rosman is the worst Gm in sports gets rid of foles and brings back the Poison DeSean Jackson

  4. As an Eagles fan I’m sick to my stomach. How could he do something so dumb. Never quote Hitler, even if it’s a Hitler quote praising Santa Claus. Just don’t quote Hitler.

  5. The lesson learned here, think twice, maybe three times before you hit that send/post key

  6. What is significant here is not his apologies—I mean, please, of course—but why he said these things in the first place. We live in an apology culture—say whatever the hell you want, then when there’s a negative reaction, turn around and profusely “apologize”. What utter crap. Why can’t these morons just sit on their twitter finger and not exposse themselves as morons?

  7. Do these people actually read their posts before clicking send? I mean, like, saying, oh, this may cost me millions of dollars, I rather don’t send anything. Very sad indeed.

  8. This isn’t just Desean Jackson. Many Black Lives Matter leaders and supporters are strongly anti-Semitic. It’s in his heart. He’s just trying to save his job. Take a year off from football and join the Israeli army for a 12 month deployment, and then we’ll know his apology is authentic.

  9. Is it just me or does anyone else find it insanely entertaining to watch these pro athletes, politicians and celebrities scramble to do damage control after acting stupid via social media ?

    It’s like watching someone try to put a dish back together after shooting it with a 12 gauge shotgun.

  10. And if a white player quoted Hitler on – well anything – would it be this easy?

  11. The right to have and display hatred for groups exists at all times and places in the universe. Being coerced into not having/not displaying hatred transgresses Natural Law.

  12. That Rabbi is probably Lurie and Roseman’s personal Rabbi who was handpicked to accept whatever BS excuse that moron DeSean gave him.

  13. Attempt at face-saving maneuver. How many of these idiots actually truly change their spots? More often, they just become better at hiding it. Perception of re-education must take place though.

  14. I’m sorry – since non-pigmented people get no chance to overcome prior mistakes, then Jackson must take his medicine and be shunned for being a hater.

  15. There was a time not to long ago that the less we knew the better off we where !

  16. This is why we tell guys like this to “shut up and dribble” .

    Yes they’re human but their craft is to entertain and be the super athletes they are. None of them are there because of their political views, so don’t share them.

  17. This is hilarious! BLM is gonna bring down the NFL by alienating any fan who isn’t black and that’ll cost a lot of black football players a lot of money. You can’t make it up.

    Sounds like they want an all black country and sports leagues, etc. – they actually want what many brave people (plenty of them black too) died for them to be able to have and do.

    Can you imagine the tension between white and black teammates now? The whites know the blacks blame them for everything and the blacks don’t want the whites there anyway unless they are BLM whites and just do as they are told.

    Yep…this will end well.

  18. This situation is wild for a few reasons. First, the left, has made it a fact that no black person has ever, or could ever discriminate against another group of people, and anyone that said otherwise was a racist. Second, his entire back tracking is basically word for word, all the things that “racist white people” say after stepping in it, and those apologies are never accepted and always torn to shreds. Weird that his apology is just accepted and all is well with the world.

  19. Give the kid a break it’s not like he shot bebe netenyahu ,he messed up , repented to his Rabbi and is ready to move on with the blessings of his team

  20. Desean showed us he can empathize with Hitler. He barely apologized and now is getting a pass. Drew Brees had to continue to apologize for a non-radical view of standing during the anthem. You really can’t take this cancel culture seriously or it will drive you nuts.

  21. I wonder how many black people actually stand with Jackson’s original statements. LeBron is probably nodding his head along with it, but is smart enough to not let anyone know.

  22. You are who we thought you were, these apologies these days are as empty wedding punch bowl at 2 am.

  23. When DeSean played with the Redskins he was a model citizen and completely towed the line. As an Eagle, Jackson gets into all kinds of trouble and goes off making sick anti-Semitic comments. It is a test study of what can happen with a player leaves a classy organization (Redskins) and becomes part of a rotten culture (Eagles).

  24. Nothing will happen to him because if he is disciplined, Rev. Al and Jesse will be on the Eagles’ organization and the NFL before you can say ” fiddlesticks”.

  25. I would seriously doubt he could find Israel on a map. He doesn’t remind me of a player that would score well on a wonderlic.
    I don’t think he was intentionally being anti-Semitic. I don’t think he knew what that meant a few days ago.

  26. Disgusting behavior by Jackson. You cannot let him off the hook. If we want an equal country we got to lay it to Desean. Imagine if a Latino or white player posted the same remarks? The player would’ve been cut.

  27. Cut him and maintain consistency otherwise this will further divide the country

  28. This GUY is clinging tby a thread … I shredded all his football cards that I have collected but kept one for a reminder to make sure my kids do not grow up to be like that GUY.

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