Report: Not much optimism for long-term deal with Brandon Scherff

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Washington has eight days to reach a long-term deal with right guard Brandon Scherff.

John Keim of ESPN reports “there isn’t much optimism” that the sides will reach agreement before the deadline.

That would leave Scherff to play 2020 on the one-year franchise tag of $15.03 million.

The team has expressed a desire to keep Scherff long term as part of its core, but it does not appear likely the sides will make that happen this offseason.

Scherff has made three Pro Bowls in becoming one of the league’s best at his position since Washington made him the fifth overall choice in 2015.

He played all 32 games his first two seasons and has missed games with injuries over the past three. Scherff played 11 games last season.

13 responses to “Report: Not much optimism for long-term deal with Brandon Scherff


  2. Very good guard. But he’s going to be way too expensive. The team should have cut him loose this off season. There were some much cheaper, but almost as good guards available in free agency.

  3. He’s a quality guard, but has had some injuries lately. I’m not sure he’s worth the amount he’s looking for,

    Although, the skins are kind of thin at guard. All along th o-line, actually.

  4. Scherff keeps saying the right things about wanting to stay long term and Washington keeps saying the right things about wanting him to remain long term, but I think it’s just kind of a polite, silly little dance for now.

    Scherff should definitely want to see how Rivera plays out for a year before committing, and Washington should definitely want to see how Scherff’s health plays out for a year before committing.

    The franchise tag for one season is pretty much the perfect trial period for both sides right now.

  5. It’s kind of like paying big money for a great RB. The position he plays just doesn’t impact the outcome of the game as much as many other positions. You’re better off investing in more critical positions. In the Redskins’ case, it really doesn’t matter. They’ll never compete as long as Snyder is running the team. And you know what, Snyder really doesn’t give a hoot. His franchise doubles in value about every five years it seems. In his mind, he’s been extremely successful. Scherff would be much better off leaving in free agency, if he ever wants to win.

  6. He was drafted to be in a higher level position. He wasn’t good enough. He found a place and he should be paid less for it. Let him walk.

  7. Skins can’t seem to work with their star o-linemen.

    If Haskins has bad protection, he’s going to be a worse QB case study than David Carr.

  8. It is concerning that the Redskins are on the verge of losing two pro bowl offensive linemen in the span of three years. It is perplexing as the team achieved its greatness and four Super Bowls apparently in large measure because they had an elite offensive line. Skins are straying from their roots.

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