Tom Brady “always trying to strive for” performance against Bills in November 2007

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Tom Brady has won a lot of games, including six Super Bowl titles, over the years, but it isn’t a postseason win that he thinks about when it comes to a “perfect night” on the field.

Brady said on an episode of the Apple TV+ series Greatness Code that the performance he’s “always trying to strive for” came against the Bills on November 18, 2007. The Patriots scored touchdowns on their first seven offensive drives and Brady went 31-of-39 for 373 yards and five touchdowns in a 56-10 win that kept the hope of an undefeated season alive in New England.

Brady said that he doesn’t think it would have mattered who was on the other side of the field because the offensive execution was “unstoppable.”

“I almost giggle every time I think about that game,” Brady said, via “Because ever since that game, I’m still trying to get back to that point. Because in so many ways, for me, it was a perfect night. . . . I don’t think many people would ever think about that game when they think about my career. I don’t think people would go, ‘Man, that Sunday night Buffalo Bills game, that was the one.’ But for me, when I think about it — and I’ve got this big catalog of games — I think, ‘Yep, that was the one.'”

Thanks to the Giants, the 2007 season didn’t end with the 19-0 record that the Patriots were hoping for but that hasn’t stopped Brady from remembering the heights they reached on the way to the Super Bowl.

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  1. You know how the broadcasters have something they want to say about each player the first time they make a play? Usually they say it in the first or second quarter.

    I remember John Madden finally saying the thing he wanted to say about Josh Reed, who was I believe the Bills top wideout IN THE MIDDLE OF THE 4TH QUARTER. This is why the Bills didn’t play on Sunday night for another 13 years.

  2. I like that Brady likes that game because of the team performance. That same year he had a game where he went 21/25, 354 yards, 6 TDs in a 49-28 win over the Dolphins but obviously the Bills game was better for the offense than his stats. Another great one was in 2009 the Pats won 59-0 against the Titnas he went 29/34, 380 yards and 6 TDs. In the Bills and Titans Chris Hanson had just one punt.

  3. Definitely a low moment during the Bills drought. I remember thinking that there was such a disparity between the teams – it didn’t even matter if Buffalo got ALL of the breaks. The Pats were just too good.

    Glad all that stuff is in the past now. Looking much more forward to the years ahead. Games like that will make flipping the script that much more satisfying.

  4. Well he did outperform himself, in Super Bowl LII, and lost.
    Sometimes I giggle about that as well.

  5. “Tampa Bay Tommy sure does a lot of reminiscing about his old team.”

    What a shocker, he thinks about the team that he’s played for for 20 years and every single professional performance to date was for.

    Wow who’d ever have thought someone would do that?

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