Eagles’ Marquise Goodwin claims “the Jewish community is lashing out at me”

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Another day, another Eagles wide receiver causing a social media firestorm.

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson is apologizing and vowing to educate himself after posting on Instagram what he said was a quote from Adolf Hitler saying, “the Jews will blackmail America. [They] will extort America, their plan for world domination won’t work if the Negroes know who they were.” That bogus and anti-Semitic quote was widely condemned, but Jackson’s fellow Eagles wide receiver Marquise Goodwin hasn’t condemned Jackson.

Instead, Goodwin made his own Instagram post claiming that “The Jewish community is lashing out at me.”

“I understand the Jewish community is mad at me for making a comment on Jacc page yesterday,” Goodwin wrote. “I honestly don’t see how I was being insensitive or disrespectful, or even supportive of his previous message. I never once said i agreed or disagreed with anything! I never mentioned Adolf Hitler or anything regarding the Jewish community. My comment under DJacc post read, ‘I wish people commented this much on a BLM topic’… In NO WAY do I condone anything Hitler related, AS I STRONGLY BELIEVE HE WAS IN THE WRONG. We all SHOULD come together in times like these instead of dividing.”

Goodwin has provided no evidence that “the Jewish community” is lashing out at him, but he should know that “the Jewish community” not a monolith; some Jewish people may have disagreed with what he posted on Instagram, but that is not the same thing as being attacked by an entire community.

Jackson has said he will meet with Jewish leaders in Philadelphia and educate himself. Goodwin should do the same.

10 responses to “Eagles’ Marquise Goodwin claims “the Jewish community is lashing out at me”

  1. Remember the old adage: Silence is golden.

    There is a time to talk and a time to remain quiet.
    In this day and age, if anything you want to say is even slightly controversial… don’t.

  2. “We all SHOULD come together in times like these instead of dividing.”

    “I wish people commented this much on a BLM topic.”

    Then, um… stop being divisive? That initial comment wasn’t exactly thinly-veiled, insofar as subtle-but-not-so-subtle vitriol goes.

  3. I like Marquise as he was with my niners for a few years and was a stand up guy.
    That said, he could not be more wrong here. BLM has come at people for not fully supporting the movement. We’ve seen people bullied for keeping their opinions to themselves. It’s no one’s obligation to do anything let alone be attacked on social media for choosing a silent support.
    So to have him respond the way he did to DeSean’s comments and be surprised by the reaction is just plain crazy.
    He’s assuming the world should be OK with selective outrage against bigotry and that only certain races should be defended against it. That’s way out of bounds. If we are going to defend one race—we defend all from racism and bigotry.

  4. Better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool rather than to speak and remove all doubt.

  5. Mike Gundy had to drop $1 million for wearing a conservative t-shirt but DeSean Jackson praises Adolf Hitler and the NFL did nothing……..

  6. Drew Brees and Mike Gundy were treated very differently. Didn’t a college coach get fired a year or 2 ago for saying Hitler to a recruit? How do some people get off scot free?

  7. With all the money you’re making either hire somebody to handle your social media or better still just get off, count your millions and keep getting paid.

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