Jon Robinson on Jadeveon Clowney: You want to check him out in person

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Titans General Manager Jon Robinson said last month that there have been no recent conversations with free agent defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, but the possibility of him coming to Tennessee remains open as long as Clowney hasn’t signed with another team.

During a Tuesday night conversation with Paul Kuharsky of 104.5 The Zone and Robinson was asked about Clowney and said that he’s watched social media videos of the veteran’s workouts. He said they look good, but that the team would still want to take its own look at a player coming off of core muscle surgery.

“What I’ve seen on Twitter, him rushing off the edge and hitting that bag,” Robinson said. “Anytime you are dealing with whatever the contract is going to command, you want to make sure that the player is healthy, that you are able to allow your doctors to see him, to look at it, to make sure everything is going to be good.”

Robinson allowed that Clowney would give the defense “a lot of chess pieces” to deploy this season, but the NFL has not allowed teams to bring free agents in for workouts or physicals at this point and it appears that would have to change for anything to move forward in Tennessee.

5 responses to “Jon Robinson on Jadeveon Clowney: You want to check him out in person

  1. If he didn’t shoot his mouth off last year saying he was all about money, he may have been sign already. He will be lucky to get what he played for last year.

  2. Are NFL teams finally catching on to the fact that Clowney is often injured and fairly mediocre when he does actually play? I hope he pays that guy he hit in college royalties. He’s lived off of that, and been way overpaid, for years.

  3. Wait a second – maybe Bill O’brien got this one right. Seattle took him only when Trader Bob agreed to pay his bill. Why is there no market for a former #1 overall pick? What is the real story here?

  4. If you want to check him out in person go to the training room since he’s there most of the time.

  5. You should only pay the really big money to the guys that check every box, because those are the guys who help make your team a winner. The “me” guys never win. If you don’t know that by now, go ahead and sign Clowney. Ask the Bears GM how stressed out he’s been since signing Mack.

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