Kirk Herbstreit could pull double duty for ESPN, working college football and MNF

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ESPN has waited to announce its Monday Night Football broadcast team, given the possibility that college football won’t happen, allowing Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit to be shifted to NFL games.

Apparently, Herbstreit could be heading to Mondays, even if he continues to work on Saturdays.

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, the concept of Herbstreit serving as the Monday Night Football analyst is “gaining a little more momentum,” and that it could happen even if college football season occurs as scheduled.

If that happens, Herbstreit likely would be paired with Steve Levy on Monday nights.

Whatever ESPN does, the arrangement has a short-term feel to it. There’s a lingering belief that, after the current ESPN contract expires following the 2021 season, Monday Night Football could return to ABC, which like ESPN is owned by Disney.

10 responses to “Kirk Herbstreit could pull double duty for ESPN, working college football and MNF

  1. Actually despite the fact he played of OSU ;), he is quite good in the booth, fairly unbiased, would be a good choice for Monday nights

  2. Actually, he’ll have the fall of 2020 off since neither college or pro football will be played.

  3. Herbie is awesome in the booth. But that would be a killer schedule & MNF isn’t what it once was. Stick to College Football.

  4. Does anyone even watch MNF anymore? I tend to tune in to a game or two each year, because that seems to be all they get that are good games. The product on ESPN is unwatchable. Terrible announcers, ghetto ass graphics, and, for some reason, an obsession with neon green, like it is 1988.

  5. This points in the direction of them anticipating no games. He “could” pull double duty? They have no solid plan and the season is almost a month away.

  6. I think ESPN’s College Game Day Show is the best pre-game show in the business in any sport, bar none. I would hate to see a lot of changes to that show, or reduced rolls. Herbie prepares well for the Game Day show, and prepares for the night game as the analyst. Will he give up the analyst role for the Saturday night game for the MNF game, or try to do both? How much exposure on TV is too much?

  7. I only watch MNF when my team is playing. The product isnt great to begin with. Plus, living on the east coast, a game that starts at 8:30 sucks.

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