NFL, NFLPA strike deal on team facilities for training camp

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On June 7, the NFL sent to all teams a lengthy and detailed pandemic protocol for training camp. The NFL Players Association quickly pointed out that it had not agreed to the rules. The NFLPA now has.

The league and the union have reached an agreement on a club facility protocol for training camp; PFT has obtained a copy of the document. It uses the same three-tier approach to access to restricted areas, a concept on which the league’s prior document was based. Teams must submit to the league a list of the proposed designees under each of the three tiers one week before the arrival of players. (This process could create rancor for some teams.)

The agreement allows teams to have up to two fan events at the stadium during training-camp practice, as long as state and local requirements are followed as to the number of fans, no fans are permitted on the field, and no fans will have contact or interaction with players.

Strict physical distancing requirements appear throughout the document, with locker-room reconfiguration required to allow at least six feet between players. Players must be at least six feet apart in the facility at all times, whether in the weight room, shower room, training room, etc. Saunas and steam rooms will not be used during training camp.

The players had wanted all meetings to be conducted virtually; the document requires them “to the extent possible.” If in-person meetings are necessary, teams must try to hold them outdoors. Physical distancing and masks are required for all meetings that occur in the facility, whether inside or outside.

The document does not address frequency or type of virus testing. That presumably will be covered in a separate agreement.

11 responses to “NFL, NFLPA strike deal on team facilities for training camp

  1. We still haven’t got a official announcement on whether there will be open training camp practices during camp. This will be a team by team decision, and some teams may have open practices and others not. One can assume all practices will be closed, but it would be nice to get official word from the teams on this. Hint, hint, Mark Murphy.



  2. propernig says:
    July 8, 2020 at 9:47 am

    This gives me more confidence that a season will be played.

    I guess if you ignore the spikes in infections in Texas, Arizona, California, and Florida you could take the content of this article as a positive sign.

    But the reality is that the league has to move forward as if the season will start on time until they get more information and we get closer to September.
    The fact that they are planning ahead does not give me more confidence the season will start on time, even though it is what a lot of us fans want.

  3. If Trubisky’s throws are 6 feet away from the intended receiver, does that count?

  4. When the guy putting together all of these detailed protective measure got to, like, his 13th precaution, did it dawn on him “geez we are not going to have a season.”

  5. Covid-19 called.

    It doesn’t care what human rules are.

    No treatment
    No vaccine
    no cure

  6. I don’t want a cancelled season.
    I want a safe season….which seems unlikely IMO.

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