Patrick Mahomes: Trust and culture of Chiefs were what I wanted to be a part of

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It could be as many as 12 more years before Patrick Mahomes has to sign another contract with the Kansas City Chiefs after his 10-year extension with the team signed on Monday.

Mahomes expressed his desire for the security the contract provides as one of the big factors for his committing to such a lengthy deal. Another reason is just how comfortable he feels with the Chiefs.

In quotes distributed by the team from his meeting with reporters on Tuesday to announce the deal, Mahomes said his trust in head coach Andy Reid and general manager Brett Veach has given him faith in the organization for the long-term.

“I think that trust is something that’s built and with my three years in the Chiefs organization, you see the trust that everyone has within each other,” Mahomes said. “Everything that coach Reid says, everything that Veach says, and what everyone in this organization says is that those things happen, and they put in the work every single day. It’s almost a challenge if I can beat Coach Reid or Veach to the facility some days. They put in as much effort as anyone and when you have a culture like that from the top down, with Clark Hunt to the 75th, 90th, whatever man on the roster, that trust and that culture was something that I wanted to be apart of. It’s something that is built on every single day. It’s been built every day that I’ve been apart of this organization.”

While Reid, who is 62 years old, may not be along for all of Mahomes’ tenure in Kansas City, he said Tuesday that he isn’t contemplating retirement any time soon. Of course when you have a quarterback the caliber of Mahomes to work with it’s understandable Reid isn’t exactly in a rush to turn in his clipboard. That helps cement the long-term vision of the franchise for the Chiefs with the key figures in lockstep as Mahomes enters just his third season as a starting quarterback in the league.

11 responses to “Patrick Mahomes: Trust and culture of Chiefs were what I wanted to be a part of

  1. Stupid deal. No player should sign for longer than 5 years.. Coaches change, owners change, players lives change.. financial stability is good.. but Mahomes didn’t need to sign a 12 year marriage contract.

    He’ll want more money or out before this deal it done. Book it Danno.

  2. I feel this incredibly team friendly deal will absolutely put higher pressure on Dak Prescott.
    Mahomes left ample room for the team to continue to build and maintain a contending roster around him.
    You cant tell me that wont be brought up by Jerry.

  3. The grass definitely isn’t any greener on the other side of the fence. Mahomes wants to start a dynasty. That’s a tough task in many other NFL organizations. Mahomes is smart enough to recognize that.

  4. We love you Patrick. If ever there were a perfect combination, it is mahomes and the Chiefs. Sitting the rookie year and learning from Alex Smith was very important.

  5. Of course a Raider fan rags on this statement because he knows the Raiders are doomed for another decade!

    You’ll never hear a Raiders player say that, not ever!

    Raiders miss the playoffs for the next ten years because they won’t beat Mahomes!

  6. The only thing that Patrick learned from Alice Smith was being Captain Checkdown does not win playoff games. Patrick has more talent in his shoelace than Alice has in her entire career.

  7. With only 13% fully guaranteed it will go down as a horrible decision to sign that contract

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