Raheem Mostert requests a trade

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A recent report indicated that the 49ers were talking about a contract extension with running back Raheem Mostert, but those talks haven’t led to an agreement and now Mostert would like to go to another team.

Mostert’s agent Brett Tessler went on Twitter to announce that he has requested a trade on behalf of his client. Tessler wrote that the decision to ask for a move away from the team came after “months of unproductive talks with the 49ers about fairly adjusting” the deal of a player whose role changed since he joined the team.

Mostert was mostly a special teams player during his first two seasons with the 49ers, but he took on a bigger offensive role last season and finished with 952 yards from scrimmage and 10 touchdowns. He went on to run for 336 yards and five touchdowns in the postseason.

The three-year deal that Mostert signed with the 49ers before last season is set to pay him a base salary of $2.575 million this year.

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  1. Seems that he was right in asking for an upgraded contract. 49ers will do the right thing. It’s too late in the year for them to let him go and come up with a whole new game plan to rush the ball. And with Deebo Samuels for the first few games, they will be relying on the run big time.

  2. Seems that he was right in asking for an upgraded contract. 49ers will do the right thing. It’s too late in the year for them to let him go and come up with a whole new game plan to rush the ball. And with Deebo Samuel gone for the first few games, they will be relying on the run big time.

  3. Had a nice year but he clearly doesn’t get it. You signed a THREE year deal a few months back. Sigh. I used to respect this guy, but no more. He’s a journeyman who found the right team…then proceeds to give reasons to give the rock to Wilson, Coleman…

  4. See you bro. As much as I like him, he needs the system more than the system needs him. There is a reason he went this long before finding success in his career. He is simply not a generational talent and the system allowed him to have a career year.

  5. Meh. Anyone would have comparable production with the holes that got opened for him all season long. Hope he enjoys being a special teamer for whatever trash team he gets traded to and we’ll enjoy the draft picks said team gets fleeced for.

  6. Really difficult RB to project. On one hand, he’s already 28. On the other, he has less than 200 career rushes. I don’t know how eager I’d be to see what he does without a Super Bowl supporting cast. At the same time, a career 6.0 YPC speaks for itself.

    I think Mostert’s right for trying to get the bigger paychecks while he can. I also think the 49ers are right to suspect that they can save the money and slide in another journeyman to pair with Tevin Coleman.

  7. I don’t blame a RB entering his prime trying to get his while he can. If the 49ers are going to drag their feet then go somewhere that will pay for that solid production. Devontae Freeman just got bumped further down the line for teams looking to add to the RB room.

  8. This is rich… Niners kept this guy around as a special team player after he’d been kicked to the curb by 6 other teams. They actually sign him (a special teams player) to a 3 year contract which gives him some security for the first time in his career. He ends up getting a larger role as a RB because of injuries to Breida and Coleman. Now he (agent) wants his one year old contract torn up or he takes his ball and goes home. Pathetic…

  9. When are these idiotic rbs going to learn that their position is not a valued position in the nfl anymore?

  10. He won’t be anywhere near the same type of player he is playing in Kyle Shanahan’s wide open offense. The defense never knows what to expect, and the O-Line blocking scheme creates huge running alley’s that set up well for a speedy RB. The 49ers can let him go, and then plug in some no-name free agent that will have the same production this guy is having.

  11. Yea cuz no one can live on $2.5 Million for 16 weeks of work…No one

  12. Niners should add some performance based bonuses and if he has another solid year look at his contract next year.

  13. You can blame this squarely on the Packers. Our non-existent run D in that game gave this guy a big head!

  14. So I’m a Niners fan and the thing that surprises me the most is that he will make 3.2 million this year (with his prorated signing bonus) and he was brought in to play special teams. He made more than Dak Prescott last year and it’s not like 3.2 million is chump change. He got paid a pretty penny to be a specialist on special teams. I would respect his complaint a lot more if he was due to make 650k this year. He makes more than Deebo.

  15. RBs are interchangeable.
    He was nothing before, and he should be happy he’s where he is.
    He signed a 3 year deal in 2019, and had a good year.

    2020: 3.2MM
    2021: 3.5MM

    It’s not like he’s starving.
    It’s not like hes making $650K.

    be content with the 6+MM you will make from the team.

  16. David Johnson was a special teamer when he started too.

    Get your payday Raheem.

    Get every last penny you can squeeze out of your short window.

  17. He isn’t going anywhere. Niners will simply ignore his agent and fine him if he doesn’t show up. They are willing to give him more money. Just not as much as he wants.

    Just signed a three year contract. Dude has zero leverage.

  18. His stock will get no higher than it is right now. Even if it results in failure now is the time to take his swings.

  19. Another repugnant athlete who values himself too highly. I am so sick of these selfish and self-centered cupcakes who are extorting their team. Had their team not recognized his talent, this player would be playing for peanuts. Ungrateful pig.

  20. He’s being paid fair value, if another team wishes to pay him more I’m sure the 49ers can work out a trade.

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