Report: Derrick Henry extension not “on the verge of happening”

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We’re a week away from the deadline for franchise- and transition-tagged players to sign multi-year deals with their teams and none of the 15 tagged players have agreed to extensions.

Titans running back Derrick Henry is one member of that group and word last month was that his camp has been speaking with the team about getting something done. Those talks don’t appear to have put Henry on the doorstep of a new deal, though.

Terry McCormick of reports that “no extension is on the verge of happening” in Nashville. He adds that the two sides are still in communication, so something could change over the next week if the deadline leads to a change in approach on one side or the other.

Henry has signed his franchise tag, so he’s set to make $10.278 million this season if things don’t change by July 15.

8 responses to “Report: Derrick Henry extension not “on the verge of happening”

  1. This is his fifth year. No way I would doanything with multi year terms. Unfortunately this is how goes for RBs. Probably the last year as a Titan.

  2. Running backs should just stop working extra hard. I mean, they should work for those 1,200 yard seasons and rack up a bunch of 80-100 yard games. But keep the tread off the tires and avoid those 200+ games and 1,500+ seasons. You’ll never make bank for them.

  3. If i were him. I’d take it easy this season. Take the bench as much as possible and get what he can from another team next offseason. Life of a running back

  4. The reality is RBs won’t be getting huge contracts.
    But they will still work hard to get 8-10MM/year contracts.
    It’s not like a 4 year $32,000,000 contract is starvation wages.
    They just won’t be getting 4 years at $64mm unless the GM is crazy.

  5. RBs tend to be replaceable, but he makes that entire offense work. Without him – or his clone – Tannehill goes back to being what he was in Miami and the Titans are back to mediocrity.

  6. I love the guy. Hard to justify paying any RB more than $10m annually though. Unless he wants to do a much shorter term deal, something like 3 for $40m?

  7. They should deal him for a high 2nd. Bound to get injured. The Tannehilll contract is big and unloading Cssey will hurt them in their cap hell as it is.

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