Sammy Watkins on pay cut: How much money do I need?

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Chiefs wide receiver Sammy Watkins trimmed $4.75 million from his 2020 base salary when he agreed to rework his deal earlier this offseason and his reason for doing so wasn’t much different than the reason Patrick Mahomes gave for signing his own extension this week.

Mahomes said that his deal, which some thought should have been bigger, gives him security while allowing him to play on a team that can challenge for championships by holding onto more of his supporting cast. During an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Watkins said his agent was shooting for “big numbers” when the offseason got underway but he ultimately decided he prioritized other things.

“How much money do I need? My family’s taken care of well,” Watkins said. “Do I want I go to a team and lose and get 1,000 yards with a team that’s sorry. Or do I want to come back with one of the best coaches, the best quarterbacks, the best organization, the best team, the best wideout group — arguably — and come try to fight for another championship.”

Watkins’ revised deal includes incentives that could make up for the money he gave up by redoing his deal in Kansas City, but it seems that’s a secondary consideration for Kansas City’s leading receiver during their postseason march to the Super Bowl.

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  1. Since the average American makes about 40,000 per year, that seems fair to me.

  2. A refreshing take. Good for him. Winning is fun and being comfortable in a place matters

  3. What is in the water in Kansas City – you have REAL men who act like responsible adults who want to play for a winning team and are contributing to make sure others can remain there as well. Watkins has certainly matured since his rookie season. This team is showing what class act looks like. I hope that the defensive player that is holding out can see the light before he is sent packing to a losing team.

  4. I know the TB haters will disagree, but leaving $ on the table to build a strng supporting cast is one reason the Patriots have been so successful. Hats off to PM and SW.

  5. Way too funny. As if he’s doing it by choice. Sorry Sammy, you had a nice few games in the playoffs but you’re career tells us you weren’t worth near what they were paying you.

  6. Watkins was paid $33 Million the last two years.

    His numbers? 40 catches for 519 yards in 2018 and 52 catches for 673 yards in 2019.

    Sorry, those are NOT worth what he was getting paid and was going to be the first salary cap cut. Even at $9m for 2020 is EXPENSIVE for that type of minimal production.

  7. Good for him. But it’s something that the amount they trimmed off his salary for just this year is an amount a lot of us won’t make in our lifetimes.

  8. I’m very happy to hear this. I hope this pays off with a few more rings.

  9. Sammy had 2 big regular season games and 2 big playoff games. While 9 million is a lot, KC has a SB to show for it.

  10. I wish more players felt this way.
    Really, how much more DO they need?
    I’m as big an NFL fan as there is.
    But I’ve often thought about how out of line it is for people to be paid MILLIONS simply because they are freak athletes. While we pay people who take care of the sick, drug addicted, mentally ill, and folks who save lives on a daily basis barely a living wage.

    Ultimately his reasoning is still a bit selfish. It’s really more “I don’t want to play on a losing team” than it is rejecting the money, but at least he realizes there is only so much $$ one needs.

  11. But I’ve often thought about how out of line it is for people to be paid MILLIONS simply because they are freak athletes.


    I think of sports as entertainment, just like TV and movies. People like us will pay lots of money to distract ourselves with different forms of entertainment. As long as we do that, the entertainers will continue to cash in. I don’t begrudge them that, they are actually fulfilling a need for the rest of us.

  12. smoothrobinva says:
    July 8, 2020 at 1:39 pm
    Ask pat maholmes that question because he took it all


    Florio posted the yearly breakdown for those 10 years literally days ago. And the only two that are 40 million, contracts like Tyreek Hill’s and Kelce’s will have been expired. So either those two will have taken a pay cut (as they’ll be in their thirties at that time and won’t command their current salary) or their rookie replacements will already be in house.

    Outside of those two years (which are a few years away from now even), he’s the biggest bargain at the position…and the best at it.

  13. Sammy Watkins has been on the other side of the fence, and the grass wasn’t any greener. That might be the understatement of the year. What he’s saying is once you’re set up financially for life, quality of life becomes more of a priority. He’s not going to look back on his life fifty years from now and say “Geez, why did I leave Patrick Mahomes?”. Believe it or not, some players do enjoy winning.

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