Titans G.M. anticipates positive tests when they open camp

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Every other sporting enterprise which has tried to start in the middle of a pandemic has seen a quick burst of news about positive tests for COVID-19.

So Titans General Manager Jon Robinson doesn’t see why his team would be any different.

“I think this whole thing is pretty scary, you never know how it’s going to affect different people,” Robinson said, via Paul Kuharsky of PaulKuharsky.com. “You don’t know what it’s going to be like. I assume when we come back, we’re probably going to have some guys that test positive and we’ll have to deal with that, I am sure every team will. Every league is going through that right now.”

Robinson wouldn’t disclose whether any Titans have tested positive thus far, and didn’t want to get too specific when asked if they’d keep a quarterback separate in case an outbreak hit that room at a specific time. Like many who hold his job, there’s still plenty of uncertainty about the hows that will accompany the inevitable whens, as evidenced by his answer to how long a player would be out if he tests positive.

“That’s a great question,” Robinson said. “I mean, I think we’re probably going to have to wait at least 10 days, two weeks maybe, to make sure that everything’s clear. But that’s it. We’ll certainly have to meet with our doctors and make sure that there’s no residual health effects that he’s dealing with.

“Again, because the player safety is the most important thing we want to we don’t want to put them out there on the field if they’re going to have an issue.”

And he knows that when players take the field, some degree of issue is unavoidable.

3 responses to “Titans G.M. anticipates positive tests when they open camp

  1. We all anticipate positive tests at every workplace moving forward. Not just football. In fact, it has already happened at most workplaces. Its part of life as we move along with all aspects of life – its not the ned of the world though.

  2. It’s something that we all are going to have to work through. If you’re not showing symptoms, You’re not having problems why not continue. I’ve had common cold kick my butt, I would work through it. The common cold can Create pneumonia and you can die from it. But that doesn’t stop us.

  3. Wow I don’t agree with Hagemeister, we should not expect positive tests if everyone is wearing masks, washing hands, and staying 6 feet apart. The expectation should be no positives, DO YOUR PART!

    For football I expect positives and spreading because I doubt they will wear masks and observe social distancing in practice. Any GM should plan ahead for rapid testing and quarantine, and mitigation of spread during time at the office practicing and prepping for the season. NFL football is a high risk job for Covid-19.

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