Friday Night Lights may be out for 2020

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With pro and college football in 2020 currently hanging in a balance influenced largely the ability and willingness of non-athletes to do what needs to be done to slow the spread of the coronavirus, one of the hotbeds of American high school football may not have high school football in 2020. Due in large part to the fact that the state in question, Texas, is one of the hotbeds of the American pandemic.

Dallas Independent Schoo District superintendent Michael Hinojosa tells Garrett Haake of NBC News that Hinojosa is “pretty sure” there will be no Texas high school football in 2020.

If there’s no high school football in Texas in 2020, it’s hard to imagine high school football happening anywhere in the country, especially since other hotbeds of high school football like Florida and California and Western Pennsylvania are also struggling to contain the virus.

Frankly, it’s just another example of the clear and obvious link between the failure and/or flat-out refusal of Americans to take the situation seriously (thanks in large part to certain voices in the media urging them not to take the situation seriously) undermining the ability of American institutions like sports to thrive or even survive in a pandemic.

That’s not a political statement. It’s the truth. Look at the Premier League. It’s working, because England has the virus under control. Bundesliga worked, because Germany has the virus under control.

As Washington Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle recently observed, “We’re way worse off as a country than where we were in March when we shut this thing down. . . . We haven’t done any of the things that other countries have done to bring sports back. Sports are like the reward of a functional society.”