Marcedes Lewis: Aaron Rodgers won’t let Jordan Love’s arrival rattle him

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Packers tight end Marcedes Lewis had the same reaction to the team’s first-round pick as a lot of other people.

Lewis said on CBS Sports Radio that he was “shocked” that the Packers traded up to take quarterback Jordan Love with their first selection this year. Many expected the Packers to look for a receiver to help their current quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but Lewis didn’t share what he thought the team would do.

He did share that he doesn’t expect there to be any negative impact on Rodgers during the coming season.

“You just let it go,” Lewis said. “The things that you can’t control is water off a duck’s back. Do the best job that you can to control the things that you can control, and let the universe do the rest. Aaron is a grown man. You don’t think he’s ever had to deal with things like that? Whether it be distractions, adversity, it doesn’t matter what it is. He’s a grown man. He is where he is a for a reason. I’m not worried about it.”

Controlling what you can control was a big part of Rodgers’ public response to the Love selection and the boat rocking in Green Bay should remain at a minimum as long as everyone subscribes to that point of view.

11 responses to “Marcedes Lewis: Aaron Rodgers won’t let Jordan Love’s arrival rattle him

  1. Hopefully this season will be canceled and we wont have to find out but thanks for your concern. I am sure a washed up TE is critical in any offense.


  2. Jordan love is a backup. Until Aaron moves on. As a Packer fan it is great to have a safety blanket or another tool to use Love to his strengths behind Aaron. Love this fit – and no Rodgers wont care if he has a backup.

  3. Of course not. Jordan Love isn’t good and Rodgers has a 0% chance of losing his job to Love until he willingly decides to retire or leave.

  4. Just more media driven garbage that will not effect this team or locker room.
    This is basically last season’s LaFleur vs. Rodgers, how will they ever get along/audible controversy non-story.
    Repackaged for the Barney’s simple and dull appetite.

  5. Hopefully this season will be canceled and we wont have to find out but thanks for your concern.

    Given that all you ever do is troll the Packers I’ve often wondered what kind of football fan you were, but it still makes me question what’s wrong with you when you say “hopefully the season is cancelled”? Are you that dismayed by the two bearings we gave you last year that you’d rather see the whole season cancelled than face the Packers again?

  6. In contrast to a well-documented history of animosity between Cousins and previous teammates of his, Rodgers is a leader any player would love to work with. When faced with adversity and people trying to put words in his mouth, this is what Aaron Rodgers had to say about the Packers drafting Jordan Love…….in his own words;

    “I learned a lot over those years working with Brett, things that I can bring the relationship with Jordan and just bring the mindset I went through as a young 21-, 22-, 23-year-old, playing with my idol as a teammate,” he told reporters, per “I’ll definitely take those lessons with me. Like I said before, I’ve always had great relationships with my backups and always loved helping those guys out in any way. The more questions they have, the more answers I have. I’ve truly embraced those relationships, and it’ll be the same with Jordan.”

    He really sounds upset.


  7. That type of stuff won’t rattle Rodgers, any more than it will motivate him to play better. He ignores all that outside mumbo jumbo — its just fodder for opposing fans to bark at each other over. Although the historic irony is pretty interesting.

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