NFLPA to NFL: Tell us why four preseason games is problematic, but two isn’t

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On a conference call between the NFLPA and team reps last week, there was a vote that led to a recommendation that the league scrap the preseason entirely but NFLPA senior director of player affairs Don Davis said the union isn’t wholly opposed to having any preseason action.

During an appearance on WEEI Wednesday, Davis said that a joint committee on returning to work was put in place by the league and union. That committee recommended a training camp schedule that built in a lot of acclimation time for players over a six-week period before they would play any games.

Given the late July start date for camp, that would make it impossible to run a full preseason schedule and the NFL has moved to cut the slate down to two games per team. That’s still a change from the committee’s recommendation and Davis said the question the union has for the league is why two games is safer than four.

“When you go at a 10,000-square-foot level and you just look at what reason would say, then what you’re saying is, ‘Four preseason games are not in the best health and safety of players based on COVID, but guess what? Good news, two are totally fine,'” Davis said. “That’s a tough position to take, right? The position of the PA isn’t, ‘Have no preseason games.’ That’s not the narrative at all. I know that’s out there. The position is, ‘Can you tell us how playing four is problematic, but playing two is OK?'”

NFLPA president and Browns center JC Tretter said recently that every answer about returning to play creates more questions and it doesn’t feel like the two sides have gotten to a place where they have more answers than questions about what comes next.

11 responses to “NFLPA to NFL: Tell us why four preseason games is problematic, but two isn’t

  1. Not difficult to figure out, Don: 1) Two games = money for the owners, 0 games = no money for the owners, and 2) Logistically, teams need to do at least one dry run of an away game to see how they want to handle prep, travel, etc.

  2. “The position is, ‘Can you tell us how playing four is problematic, but playing two is OK?’”

    Because 2 is less than 4? Seriously, I’m not really seeing the NFLPA’s argument here. Using their logic consistently they should have already pulled out of playing the regular season because there’s 16 games involved in that. And it’s not just about Covid. With no preseason the quality of play is going to suffer AND there’ll likely be a lot of injuries the first few weeks of the regular season and that should also be a concern for the NFLPA.

  3. Easy, gives you two games to knock rust off. On average less than 1% of guys that play in game 4 even make a team, they can plan for travel based upon one travel preseason game, and cuts out at least one travel for all teams leaving them less susceptible to contracting something for no reason.

    NFLPA been pushing for no preseason games and now they want all 4?

  4. The most important thing it gives teams a dry run for how to work through all the needed protocols on game day – one home game and one away game. It will also help the teams figure out the roster while trying to minimize exposure, as I would bet that the starters are going to see minimal action in one or both games.

  5. Good point NFLPA. It’s like asking Why buy 7-Minute Abs, when you can get 6-Minute Abs?

  6. Why doesn’t the NFLPA just say they aren’t going to play at all this season. This reminds me of the false hope that schools were going to reopen at somepoint before the school year ended. When just about everyone knew it was not going to happen. By some chance there is a season it’s going to suck beyond belief, there is no way around it.

  7. If the NFL said they only wanted to play four I’m sure the NFLPA would complain about that too. One thing is for sure about the NFLPA….they are always complaining no matter what.

  8. Couldnt the NFL use the same argument right back against them??? They are saying 2 games is fine, 4 games is dangerous… Couldnt the NFL say, if 2 games is fine, why isnt 4 ok?

    Both sides look stupid on this. I get the point both sides are making, and if you look at it from the NFLPA point of view, the NFLPA is right. But if you are inclined to look at it from the NFL point of view, again, they are right. All a matter of which side you want to get behind

  9. If I’m NFLPA I’m just flat out refusing to play preseason games, seriously who the hell cares?

  10. Just shows how greedy the owners are – even in the middle of a pandemic. There is no justification for 2 preseason games – other than $$$$$$ they screw from fans that probably will not attend.

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