Post-game contact will be limited in 2020

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It’s hard to socially distance during a game of football.

The postgame is easier to legislate.

According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, the league is taking steps to keep teams at a safe distance after the conclusion of play.

That includes teams being “forbidden from postgame interactions within 6 feet of each other” after games.

Jersey swaps between players, which have become more of a custom in recent years, will also be prohibited. Not mentioned, but likely also part of the plan would be prayer circles that sometimes crop up.

The plan’s already being mocked by players, with Richard Sherman voicing immediate scorn.

It’s a small gesture, and perhaps pointless after players have been in close contact with each other for three hours, but the symbolism carries some weight, and reducing unnecessary risks can’t be a bad thing.

13 responses to “Post-game contact will be limited in 2020

  1. Hey that’s the NFL for you, kind of like how a QB can throw a pass under duress 100 rows up into the stands and it’s not considered intentional grounding.

  2. That makes no sense whatsoever. These guys are exchanging fluids for 3 hours but somehow swapping jerseys is just too much of a risk.

  3. This is dumb with an extra helping of stupid.

    I think we just have to resign ourselves to the idea that there won’t be football this year.

    Tom Brady better stay in shape.

  4. I mean, Sherman’s right. If you look at everything he’s said over the years, it’s amazing how often he’s been right. It’s almost like the guy went to Stanford or something.

  5. My prediction is the season will end after the second game so it really doesn’t matter

  6. Post game contacted limited this year? No big deal. In-game contact has been limited for years………

    Most folks won’t notice.

  7. shelve the season and start over in 2021..

    this isn’t going to go well

  8. It seems more sensible that player to player jersey exchanges could be permitted via sealed plastic bags that can be steam-disinfected later.

  9. Since when is playing football safe?

    The NFL and players just consider it an acceptable risk given they’re paid obscene amounts of money to do it.

    Nobody profits from after-game interactions so it makes sense to restrict it given the risk doesn’t outweigh the benefits.

  10. “forbidden from postgame interactions within 6 feet of each other” after games.

    Quick, close the barn door before the horse gets out…..oh, too late.

  11. No, the symbolism is that is perfectly represents how the league office operates. Putting in a useless restriction all for show. After players bleed, sweat, and breathe on each for 60 minutes in a contact sport.

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