Washington to keep burgundy and gold colors

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Washington is poised to change its team name, but not its team colors.

Burgundy and gold will remain the team colors, ESPN reported.

That makes sense, as the team is scrambling to change the name quickly, and there likely won’t be time for a full uniform redesign before the season.

The team is expected to change its name and stop using any Native American imagery in logos before playing another game. But players will likely be wearing the same jerseys, and fans will wear the same colors.

37 responses to “Washington to keep burgundy and gold colors

  1. Change everything, jerseys, logos and colors- start over, create a new era of ineptitude

  2. Just a few weeks ago many Skins fans thought this would never happen. Welcome to the new America.

  3. I completely understand the name finally being changed. The term is disrespectful, I simply would not call a native American friend a redskin. Is the logo guilty by association? I think it’s one of the best logos in all of sports, but I may be missing something. It’s not a caricature, just a very cool logo. It’s not far from Florida State’s logo, although they worked with the local tribes and got ahead of any issues unlike Snyder. Probably a great example of what to do and not to do regarding branding/marketing.

  4. Makes sense. The name needs to change but there is no reason to expect a full redesign, especially before the season. Also, this is some folks life long team, a name change is already a big pull to swallow, keeping the colors at least helps a little. At least Nobody will have to fully remodel their entertainment den to match the new design.

  5. Makes sense. The colors are fine. Just hope the new name and new coaching staff changes the way they’ve played ever since Snyder has owned the team….

  6. Question: When then hurriedly slapdash a new uniform together right before the season, will they be stuck with it for five years due to the league rules about uniform changes? It would make much more sense to me to come up with something for 2020, and spend the next year planning something special for 2021.

  7. I will say it for you, jurgyisgod aka logicalvoice – the burgundy and gold are the best colors in the world, and burgundy and gold colors will be in the Super Bowl………..

    The team name will change but the colors will stay the same, and so will their losing ways.

  8. The name should be changed but they should do it in a manner that makes sense. A rushed job will undoubtable raise other issues that could be at the same level that is causing the name change now. There are not only logistical hurdles to face but also legal ones (trademarks come to mind).

    It is better to issue some form of statement that says “While we understand that changing the name as soon as possible is important and we want to do that. We also want to do this in the right and thus we will set to unveil the new name on March 1, 2021 (or pick a day) that we hope everyone can rally around in these challenging times. We apologize to Native Americans for the delay but we want to do this right.”

  9. and once fans are allowed back into the stadium, it will be flooded with Redskins shirts, hats, and jerseys.

  10. Or, you could do it right, announce a new team name is coming for 2021, and complete a full rebrand, with aesthetically pleasing colors. The burgundy is horrific. If you’re dumping the name & imagery, a full rebrand – with new colors – is the only way to break the tie from the past.

  11. Look I’m one of those individual’s that has to swallow that pill,I’m also one of the many native Americans that doesn’t see the wrong in the name.Ive read everything I can about this name and in the end the leading consensus says the name is fine however that doesn’t matter,what matters is a small amount that don’t see it that way.Ive been a fan since I was a young boy and it looks as if it’s coming to an end,and yes change can b good but not when the barrel is pointing at you,I’m very disappointed in you Mr. Snider

  12. Doesn’t matter what colors the team has – stadium is always full of visiting team colors.

  13. Since there will not be football in 2020, they can really take their time with this and come up with a good name.

  14. Not gold color, that reminds me of gold miners, gold miners took some people land, that land destroyed some people’s lives, some people’s lives were destroyed by gold…i miss anything? Oh yeah, how ridiculous is everything now?

  15. Who cares, it’s no longer my team. Our traditions are now tarnished and full of asterisks with the name change as we concede and say we were wrong.. Can’t do throw back uni’s anymore when the NFL wants to celebrate some anniversary… Its no longer DC’s team. It’s someone else’s. Later NFL. I will enjoy having my Sundays to do other things..

  16. They should definitely try to become the 24th blue team and then reallign to the AFC South where every team is blue.

  17. When did Dan ever say yes I’m definitely changing the name??? Still haven’t heard him say those words yet. All I see is people Assuming things.

  18. When did Dan ever say yes I’m definitely changing the name??? I Still haven’t heard him say those words yet… All I see is people Assuming things.

  19. Warriors, Redtails, and Redhawks are being considered. I would go with Redhawks. This way, they can keep their logo and colors. Anything outside of an Indian name, they would have to make wholesale changes.

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