Jim Harbaugh thinks a coach who signs Colin Kaepernick will be very happy with him

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Jim Harbaugh was Colin Kaepernick’s coach when the two of them led the 49ers to the Super Bowl, and Harbaugh says Kaepernick belongs back in the NFL.

Harbaugh said on ESPN that he knows some coaches have questions about whether Kaepernick can return and play at a high level after a long layoff, but he says the simple way to find out is to bring him to training camp.

“My personal opinion and really advice to NFL teams is, there’s only one way to answer these questions, one way to find out, and that’s Colin signs somewhere,” Harbaugh said. “My advice is he’d be worth your time and that NFL team will be very happy.”

Harbaugh made clear that he has high regard for Kaepernick as both a player and a person.

“Colin Kaepernick is a friend, he’s a brother, he’s a great teammate. I love Colin,” Harbaugh said. “I think he’s an unbelievably talented football player.”

Despite public comments supporting Kaepernick from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and some NFL owners, he remains unsigned with training camps less than three weeks away.

32 responses to “Jim Harbaugh thinks a coach who signs Colin Kaepernick will be very happy with him

  1. Kaepernick has had plenty of opportunities to play, yet comes up with some reason not to. He makes more money being a “martyr”.

  2. Let’s see, his last season for a terrible 49ers team: 16 TD passes, 4 interceptions – and a 70% completion rate. Yea, he’ll do.

  3. Now you know why he cannot beat Ohio State. If 32 teams will not bring him in now then you know he is completely done. Besides he is on his way to Disney.

  4. doesnt seem to be enough upside for a GM to want to sign him. that ship seem to be sailing away.

  5. Every coach who has zero intention of signing Kaepernick is more than happy to tell you what a great addition to the team he is.

    I can’t imagine any team signing Kaepernick at this point, he is just a publicity stunt at this point.

  6. The only thing stopping a team from signing Colin Kaepernick since 2016 has been….


    Why sign an NFL contract when he can extort more money from the NFL and various “woke” companies than he can make actually playing football?

    Jim Harbaugh’s opinion is meaningless. He’s a college football coach. If Kaepernick is such a great person and talent, why doesn’t he hire him to be his QB coach?

  7. The guy is a physical shell of what he was when he led the 49ers to the Superbowl. His skills diminished and that is one of the key reasons he has not been signed by an NFL team. If you add the distractions and politics, he’s simply not worth it. And remember his “workout”?

  8. He has not been signed, because he does not want to play. He just wants to play victim all day long.

  9. Kap knows that if he signs and fails that he will be exposed as a fraud. Thats why he will continue to demand more money than anybody will even consider paying him. He could/would be on a team right now if playing football was actually important to him.

  10. Yeah forget Kap. Let’s keep signing these bums that would have had a hard time leading an Arena League roster.

  11. Kap should take a page from Cam Newton. Newton signed a one year deal for little more than the veteran’s minimum with a bunch of incentives. He has shown a desire to play. Kap is demanding starter money and a former MVP (roughly the same age) is playing for the minimum with a max of high end backup money. Who shows a desire to play? Newton.

  12. Anybody who thinks that Cap doesn’t deserve a chance let’s get this straight YOU are PROBABLY racists if you can’t get over the fact that there are some flat out not talented backup QB’s in the league. YOU can try to hide behind this his stats weren’t good just look at that last team he played on 16TD’s 4 Int it wasn’t because he wasn’t talented he goes to the Superbowl then all of sudden he sucks C’mon. He knelt for the right reason and George Floyd had to die for people to FINALLY realized he was right not about all of what he was doing but the fundamental ending of systemic racism in police killing Black people. If you still truly believe this is about talent and not the eye opening epiphany it forced in the forefront and ONLY now has made this country truly even recognize was a problem. Stop hiding behind your keyboards pretending this isn’t about hate for him. The first step is bringing him in for a true workout if teams haven’t done that how the hell can we judge his freaking intent on actually playing. He’s better than 70% of team’s slated backups so give your he doesn’t deserve a chance BS a rest and check yourself in the mirror and get that hatred out of your heart so we can truly heal as a nation and move forward accepting all races.

  13. Jim Harbaugh is only using these Kaepernick pledges to cover up the fact that, besides being one of the highest paid coaches in college football…he can’t even win his own conference.

    C’mon Harbaugh, your southern football camp stunts faltered, your Euro camps failed before they began, and…you can’t beat Ohio State.

    Dude, you are overhyped and undertalented. Let someone else coach the Wolverines…someone who can actually win a conference title.

  14. CK walked away from millions. This is the only way he can keep his name in the news. The NFL owes this clown nothing.

  15. Ravens: we’ll sign you Kap
    Kap: nope

    Broncos: we’ll sign you Kap
    Kap: nope

    AAF: we’ll sign you Kap
    Kap: nope

    NFL: we’ll arrange a pro workout day just for you and have all teams attend
    Kap: nope

    Kap: why cant I get a job?!? Im being blackballed!!!
    Entire World: nope

    Kaepernick taking the field and actually playing doesnt fit the narrative. Much easier to complain and be the victim.

  16. Stop with the 16 TD, 4 INT stat for Colin Kaepernick.

    He had 18 total touchdowns, and 13 total turnovers, interceptions and fumbles lost. That is a horrid ratio.

    His completion percentage was 59.2%. That is worse than EVERY SINGLE QUARTERBACK LAST YEAR except for Andy Dalton, Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen.

    This was all with a good offensive mind in Chip Kelly at the helm.

    Colin Kaepernick had a horrible final year and is now four years removed from playing. Why would any team sign him?

  17. He hasn’t played in 4 years which is a very long time in the NFL. Honestly, nobody knows what he’d look like on the field and he’s shown little desire to actually show anybody which suggests he must have some self doubts, as well.

  18. wasn’t Kaep 1-11 in his last 12 games?

    Yeah Jim…..I’m sure that’s what a coaches want

  19. With all due respect to the mastermind that is Jim Harbaugh….. this Kaep is not the one that played for you way back when. That Kaep smiled and wished everyone a happy 4th of July. This one sneers and tells you what a horrible bigot you are. I’ve supported him before, but not anymore. This country may be flawed, but it’s the best country on this planet. We should never stop striving to make it better, but he says it’ll never be better and should be brought down….. all the while massively benefiting from it. He’s a charlatan. A flim flam man. A con artist.

  20. Maybe five years ago when he was younger. But a 33 year old QB in a middle school, one read and run offense, like Harbaugh had to run for Kaepernick is not all the enticing.

  21. The NFL can sometimes mean Not For Long, and the shelf-life of a player just isn’t that long. I remember the old Cardinal Outfielder Curt Flood, the guy who broke the reserve clause in baseball and helped today’s players realize free agency and the money they make now. Curt sat out a year, and his skills atrophied….he went to a pretty bad team in eh Washington Senators, and was gone quickly.

    Anybody remember Duane Thomas? Took the Cowboys to the Super Bowl, but alienated his way out of Dallas….what did he do afterwards?

  22. footballpat says:
    Yeah forget Kap. Let’s keep signing these bums that would have had a hard time leading an Arena League roster.

    Of all the Colin Kaepernick arguments, the old “there are worse QBs in the league” shtick is the most dishonest of all.
    Yes, the Kaepernick of his first three years was light years better than many current NFL backups. After the way he played his last two seasons, and not having played at all in three seasons, I’m not so sure that’s true any longer. But even if he currently is better than a few backups, that’s not remotely the point.
    Those “bums” as you call them are very aware they’re backups, are willing to play for backup money, aren’t antagonistic toward their employers, and don’t come with Kaepernick’s self-made circus, or the distractions that come with it.
    Kaepernick doesn’t want to play because he fears being exposed and losing his victim platform. The fact that he or his camp have sabotaged every single opportunity he’s had to play — be it the NFL or the AAF — just proves it.

  23. Kap doesnt even want to play, that is evident. He’d rather play “victim” and make waaaay more money than he would on any NFL roster. Sad but true.

  24. Yes, every single team in the league wants to pay a 3rd string QB $20M to be a healthy scratch and lead the scout team every week, all while playing to the media that love him, bringing up God knows what grievances that my players and coaches would be asked to address every day of their lives, and planning God knows what kind of lawsuit with his bloodsucking lawyer for some imagined mistreatment.

    It sounds like an incredible party. No, really. If I was a HC trying to get ready to defeat an NFL team week in and week out, where routine and grinding hard work were paramount, I’d be INCREDIBLY grateful for this kind of situation and begging for more.

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