Malcolm Jenkins says DeSean Jackson was wrong, but asks to “stay focused”

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Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins doesn’t approve of former Eagles teammate DeSean Jackson‘s comments this week, but he also doesn’t want to get bogged down in a problem he perceives as being not his own.

Jenkins posted an Instagram video in which he addressed Jackson’s anti-Semitic posts on social media.

We gotta stay focused,” Jenkins said. “All of this back and forth that’s going on right now is a distraction. Comments were made, and they were wrong. Allow those who were impacted by it to voice their grievances.

“But we’ve got to stay focused. Because Breonna Taylor’s killers are still not arrested. We’re still fighting for justice. We’ve got a lot of work to do. And this ain’t it. Stay focused.”

The post also included a written caption in which he echoed the “stay-in-your-lane” nature of the video comments.

“We can honor the Jewish heritage and trauma while staying focused on what matters,” he wrote. “Jewish people aren’t our problem, and we aren’t their problem. Let’s not lose focus on what the problem truly is, and that’s that black lives still don’t matter in this country.

“Push this energy toward arresting and convicting the killers of Breonna Taylor and burning systemic racism to the ground.”

Jenkins has been one of the more passionate and effective advocates for social causes in the NFL, and he’s clearly preaching for a certain discipline of message so the causes dear to him aren’t lost in the moment-to-moment news cycle that renders yesterday’s injustices less relevant with every new crop.

But fighting for justice and equality for all isn’t a zero-sum game. It’s possible to be against anti-Semitism and racial discrimination at the same time, and dividing the causes into teams doesn’t seem to serve the larger goal.

17 responses to “Malcolm Jenkins says DeSean Jackson was wrong, but asks to “stay focused”

  1. Biggest hypocritical joke in the nfl. Sometimes it’s better to not say anything. Looks like a clown after that statement. Guy clearly wants superiority not equality.

  2. Same clown that criticized Drew Brees over respecting his country and flag!

    He has NO credibility whatsoever.

  3. This clown made multiple videos and statements about what Brees said…among a ton of other African American players…and had a lot to say about that, but in this case of clearly racist comments it’s “Stay focused”. Seriously? Where’s all the outrage and public shaming of Jackson? I thought this was about equality for all…hypocrisy is a stinky cologne.

  4. Every time Jenkins opens his mouth I wish he was not on the Saints. He is a team problem get rid of him please.

  5. It is comical how blinded Jenkins is over his own hypocrisy.

    Did he tell Jackson to Shut the **** up like he did Brees? No? Weird!

  6. I used to really admire Malcom Jenkins, If you can tell Drew Brees to shut up over simply saying he would never kneel during the National anthem essentially whipping people into a frenzy over his statement surely you can condemn someone for quoting Hitler.. even if DeSean didn’t get the attribution correct. I just don’t think you can preach from the mountain as a moral leader like MLK if clearly you can’t denounce all hate and intolerance.

  7. Malcolm Jenkins is a miscreant of the first order. He is a disgusting person. DeeShawn should be fired regardless. There is a reason he hasn’t been – his life matters.

  8. Malcolm has really embarrassed himself with these hypocritical comments. He has zero credibility. Absolutely zero.

  9. Brees is the devil, Jackson just misspoke. The thinking of a child. And people give credit to this guy… What a joke!

  10. And all is good with not so subliminal burn it to the ground message.
    Things are going too far.

  11. This is what is wrong. If everyone would treat everyone the same, that will go a long way to racial equality. It works both ways Mr. Jenkins. You are part of the problem. You came down hard on Brees for what he said. Jackson misspoke.

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