Eddy Piñeiro sees plenty of room to improve in second year as Bears’ kicker

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The kicking job in Chicago has not been a position of stability recently, but Eddy Piñeiro believes he’s going to improve upon his performance last year.

“The first year with the Bears was a good learning experience,” Piñeiro told the team’s website. “I think there’s a lot of room for improvement. I think I can get better. And I’m hoping for another successful year this year. Hopefully I can get my percentage up a little bit. The biggest learning experience for me was kicking in a windy game and then going to a dome, that transition. I feel like I’ve matured a lot as a kicker and hopefully this year goes good for me.”

Piñeiro is set to compete for the kicking job with Ramiz Ahmed, who went undrafted in 2019 and didn’t even sign with anyone as an undrafted free agent but signed with the Bears this year after a year off from football. Piñeiro is the favorite, but he’s not taking anything for granted.

“Obviously, there is pressure,” Piñeiro said. “They brought in somebody to compete, so I’ve got to compete. I’ve got to win my job like everybody else. Everybody has to compete and win their job.”

The Bears hope Piñeiro can show he’s up to the task, and finally give them some kicking stability.

6 responses to “Eddy Piñeiro sees plenty of room to improve in second year as Bears’ kicker

  1. Here’s wishing you good fortune and luck…..Still feel bad for Mr. Parkey….and I’m not a Bears’ fan. His luck must be the worst ever experienced by an NFL player. Sad.

  2. I sure hope we all see football at all. I don’t know how their going to pull it off.

  3. Piñero wasn’t much better than Parkey. Only difference is many of Parkey’s misses were in game-deciding situations. Piñero was virtually a rookie though, so he gets my benefit of doubt. Experience should help…

  4. Games shouldn’t be that close with the defense the Bears have. They provide so many turnovers for a offense that doesn’t know how to score points. Same old story in Chicago.

  5. Parkey had one job: kick the ball. He was catastrophic in the clutch and pedestrian any other time. His one year in CHI: 23/30, .767, long of 50, 5 doinks, and 1 double doink.

    Cut Eddy Piniero some slack. The man kicked 23/28 field goals, which is an .821 percentage in his first NFL season. His long was 53. Unlike CP, Eddy did not lose any games, even when his offense couldn’t provide him more opportunities to kick more and/or win games.

    Compare it to (beloved) Kevin Butler:
    1985 (1st season) 31/37, .838, long of 46
    Career in CHI 243/332, .732, long of 55

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