Report: Chiefs, Chris Jones have begun contract talks

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After months of no news on the contract talks for Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones, there’s just a little news now.

Jones and the Chiefs have begun talking about a long-term contract, according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.

But beginning to talk and actually reaching a long-term deal that’s agreeable for both parties are two different things, and with the July 15 deadline looming for franchise players to sign long-term contracts, it won’t be easy to get something done.

If Jones doesn’t sign a long-term deal, he would only be able to play the 2020 season on the one-year, $16.126 million franchise player salary. But Jones has hinted that he might not play at all if he doesn’t get a long-term deal. Jones said he has discussed that with Le'Veon Bell, who sat out the entire 2018 season after the Steelers franchised him, then signed with the Jets in 2019.

Both sides surely hope to get something done by July 15, but hoping they can get it done doesn’t mean they can come to an agreement on the money.

15 responses to “Report: Chiefs, Chris Jones have begun contract talks

  1. He’s begun the decline, you don’t want to do a long term deal on a guy like this, they’re looking at salary cap hell in a couple years

  2. Great player. The Chiefs must have a money press to pay their many good players.

  3. The Chiefs had to get Mahomes contract done before they could negotiate with Jones. That was no secret. It’s also no secret that they want to keep Jones. They’ve said it more than once. The timing isn’t ideal but, at the end of the day, Chris Jones will get a new deal and remain a Chief.

  4. He’s played his last game in KC. Or, if fhey cave now, KC is in serious danger of being a middling, top heavy roster for years to come
    and a quickly closing window.

    Pump the brakes on Mahomes. Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees say hi with regards to cap hells and years of crap defenses.

  5. Don’t take advice from Le’Veon Bell. Bell wants company in the hall of bad decisions.

    Take that money bro.

  6. This will only get done if jones is willing to not break the bank. The numbers don’t lie. Overall people at his position numbers go into major decline after the 2nd deal. Even JJ Watt and Aron Donald numbers went down after the new contract. The only man who’s numbers maintained was Reggie White. That being said his market is something like 15-18 million a year not the 20-25 his agents who are looking to break the bank and make a name for agent management company they started. This is mainly why I believe he will only get the franchise tender and not a new deal his agents want big money and the chiefs don’t really have it and shouldn’t give it.

  7. Deal is done. I imagine it will be announced Monday. Veach loves him some late Saturday night magic lately.

  8. Jones: I want $x for x years.

    KC: There’s nothing left dude, we had to pay Patty. Will you play for the league minimum?

    Jones: Buh- bye!

  9. I know Chris Jones was dealing with an ankle issue for some of the year but the Chiefs were actually better against the run and with their pass rush when Jones was on the sideline. I love me some Chris Jones but not at 20 plus million a year.

    Either way I trust in Brett Veach and no matter what happens with the contract it will be fun to read the jealous Patriots fans snide remarks, it always is.

  10. TSP says:
    July 12, 2020 at 10:44 am
    Deal is done. I imagine it will be announced Monday. Veach loves him some late Saturday night magic lately.

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    If true, no playoffs in 2021 and beyond


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