Terrelle Pryor said he’s spoken to five teams about coming back to NFL

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Wide receiver Terrelle Pryor was out of the NFL last year, but he says he’s had conversations with multiple teams about returning to the league in 2020.

Pryor told TMZ Sports that he’s spoken with five teams about resuming a career that hit a couple of snags. The first came when the Jaguars cut him from injured reserve last September and the second came when Pryor was stabbed by a woman during an altercation last November that led to both being charged by authorities.

Pryor said the Patriots are one of the teams he’s spoken to and he expressed interest in playing for them or the Steelers.

“I can still play,” Pryor said. “And, I can still make plays and dominate. I know that.”

Pryor had 77 catches for 1,007 yards and four touchdowns for the Browns in 2016, but only managed 36 catches for 492 yards and three touchdowns during stints with Washington, the Jets and Bills in 2017 and 2018.

38 responses to “Terrelle Pryor said he’s spoken to five teams about coming back to NFL

  1. If he could still “Dominate” (note, not sure when he previously dominated), he’d be playing.

  2. Pryor is the ultimate “fool’s gold” type of player at WR. He looked like he’d be a star in Cleveland then signed with Washington and clearly had ZERO chemistry with Kirk. I put much of the blame on Pryor, sure Kirk has his issues, but Pryor dropped too many passes, rarely got open and also didn’t run the proper route.

    At QB, he may have small potential (or had)…but now he’s just a backup. I wouldn’t waste money on him even if he is 6’5

  3. Pryor talked to five teams and got the same message from all 5 Thanks but No Thanks

  4. I could see NJ Giants signing him and transitioning away from Shepard. Keeping Tate in the slot.

  5. Getting someone to sign you a few years removed from playing (when your last year was your worst year) is hard. It’s called ‘reality’ not ‘collusion’.

    My guess is if Pryor gets a workout opportunity, he’ll show up, like an adult should.

  6. I never liked Pryor as a Raider but as a QB he’s still better than Kaepernick.

  7. Why does the NFL even bother with a supplemental draft? Has any decent player ever come out of it?

  8. His agent sold him a bill of goods after the 2016 season, his agent wanted top dollar and rejected a lucrative deal with Browns. Went to Washington on a prove it deal , and his career promptly went into the toilet.

  9. Work out with Colin Kaepernick
    Actually he might be a better quarterback than Kaepernick at this point

  10. Anyone managing 36 catches playing for the Jets, Bills and RedSkins could be one of the best receivers ever!

  11. He’s going to be 31, and hasn’t played in a while.
    He’s made almost $10 million.
    If he was smart that would give him a very comfortable life.

  12. There are plenty of cheap, young receivers with way more upside and speed than Pryor. He’s had plenty of time and chances in the NFL to play and prove he belongs. Why waste a roster spot on a has-been?

  13. Michael Asleson says:

    July 12, 2020 at 10:47 am

    Buffalo would be a good fit actually
    Buffalo would be 1 of the worst fits. They already had Brown and Beasley and acquired Diggs as well as drafting 2 wr this yr and let’s not forget this is a running team with a QB with the worst accuracy on a deep ball in football last year.

  14. So many haters…you know how hard it is to make the NFL? If you’re a true fan, you’d be rooting for him, in this land of opportunity.

  15. Just don’t show up to the workout. If you’re a hundred miles away, with your own camera crew, while paid adults who got there via at least one airline flight, a rental car that fits their film gear, and 2 Ubers just to see you waste their time waiting for you and your last chance interview, you’re not being childish and demonstrating you don’t want to play football. You’re a victim!

    Think of how funny it is when they submit their expense report for an overnight stay for the whole scout crew and explain that you literally refused to show up. Hilarious huh?

    Sounds weird I know Terelle , but its the way it works now.

  16. He can be used in a variety of ways on offense for a creative OC so I could see the interest being there. Since high school, he has been exciting. I would love to see him back on the field

  17. ghjjf says:
    July 12, 2020 at 2:41 pm
    Why does the NFL even bother with a supplemental draft? Has any decent player ever come out of it?
    Cris Carter,Bobby Humphrey,Rob Moore,Kosar,Ahmad Brooks,Josh Gordon and a number of decent players

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