Training camp roster size continues to be unresolved

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Of the various agreements that the NFL and NFL Players Association need to reach before training camps can open, one relates to how many players will be present when training camps open.

As previously explained, the NFLPA wants the 90-man roster to be reduced to 80 for training camp in a pandemic. A league source has explained to PFT that the 80-man roster request comes from NFLPA leadership, and that the rank-and-file prefers to have 90 players.

Beyond the obvious fact that 320 players would lose their jobs without even having a chance to win roster spots, players who have been around the block one or twice or more realize that a certain number of bodies are needed in order to properly get through practice, so that everyone can get the preparation they need. Drop 10 players, and some of the other players who remain will end up putting in more work to run routes or throw passes or otherwise take reps aimed at allowing others to get their reps in.

Per the source, the league office has no real objection to slashing the rosters to 80. Some teams already were thinking about doing that in order to better manage the coronavirus protocol. Many teams, however, want to bring 90 players to camp — especially since there will be an inevitable thinning of the herd as players test positive.

9 responses to “Training camp roster size continues to be unresolved

  1. And when exactly are these imaginary training camps supposed to open?

    No 2020 season, its quite obvious!

  2. The players and their union will come to an agreement. Or not. Nothing to see here.

  3. If they can’t agree on something this minor, how can we expect them to solve bigger issues and adjust to unknown problems during the season? Not optimistic about this season. Hope I’m wrong.

  4. It seems they should not only keep a 90 man training camp roster, but allow the 37 extras to remain w the team as the inevitable replacements for the players whom test Covid positive & have to remain away from the team for 2-3 weeks until cleared. These extra players will know the team system/playbook, should be employed & paid all season, & should not be available to other teams to snag away.

  5. Everything is unresolved, we’re still on the first wave of this pandemic because people refuse to wear their masks, it’s only gonna get worse, J E T S – just end the season

  6. So if the season is cancelled, will the perennial pre-season Paper Champions, the Raiders, be considered the champs for the entire year?

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