NFL-NFLPA talks proceed “as expected,” with not much progress

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The NFL continues to be a deadline-driven business, and with no immediate deadline for striking a deal as to the various issues lingering between the league and the NFL Players Association on the COVID-19 rules, the two sides did not strike any deals during a bargaining session on Monday.

Per a source with knowledge of the discussions, they proceeded “as expected” without “not really” any news coming from the conversations.

NFLPA Executive Committee member and 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman shared this upate on Twitter: “Good meeting today with management. We were blunt and honest with them we will not compromise our players health in these discussions.”

Again, the league has no obligation to agree to anything when it comes to the protocols for pro football in a pandemic. The league can implement rules, and the players can challenge the overall safety of the workplace via a non-injury grievance filed under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

For now, the league is refraining from playing hardball, presumably because it wants the players to fully and completely buy in. If the players don’t agree with the procedures, maybe they become less diligent about avoiding the virus and maybe they secretly root for the kind of outbreak that would shut football down without the players doing something they will not do — launch a wildcat strike.

At some point, decisions will nevertheless need to be made. The league’s patience and cooperation therefore will not be unlimited. Eventually an impasse will be declared and rules will be implemented, if an agreement cant be reached.

9 responses to “NFL-NFLPA talks proceed “as expected,” with not much progress

  1. If the players were horses, the owners would do everything to ensure their investments’ health and well-being

  2. And the drumbeat continues… shut down the season for a couple of years until the players are ready to play

  3. Not to be a jerk, but someone should let Sherm know that the discussions shouldn’t jeopardize players health.

  4. The Players are “partners” when they want more money in contract negotiations.

    Now they claim to be employees who demand a “safe” environment with the onus completely on the owners and players like JJ Watt already refusing to wear a shield. (Isn’t this no different than the people who refuse to wear a mask?)

    If a player feels it is too dangerous to play, either sit out for a year or retire. Every single working person in the US is making that same decision- without the luxury of millions of dollars already in their bank account.

    At this point, I hope there is no NFL football played whatsoever.

  5. While the paranoia continues to increase daily deaths from coronavirus have dropped by 86% from the peak

    If players wanna get paid they’re gonna have to play

  6. I don’t see the NFL season getting of the ground due to economics.
    As it currently stands, if the players play one game, any guaranteed salaries become due in full regardless of any other games played.
    I understand the players feel they should get every penny they signed for, but if they aren’t willing to budge the owners probably won’t take that risk.

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