Report: Cowboys “all but given up hope” of Randy Gregory’s reinstatement

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The last we heard of Randy Gregory, the defensive end was “working through the process” of reinstatement in May.

Two months later comes word that the Cowboys have “all but given up hope” of Gregory being reinstated from his indefinite suspension. Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram doesn’t elaborate on the reasons for the team’s pessimism in his report.

Gregory missed the entire 2019 season while indefinitely suspended.

Gregory, 27, is serving his fourth suspension for violation of the NFL’s substances of abuse policy. His last reinstatement came July 17, 2018, and he played the entire 2018 season.

His last game came in Week 17 of 2018.

Although the new Collective Bargaining Agreement ends the policy of suspending players for positive marijuana tests, it does not provide amnesty for players like Gregory who were serving suspensions at the time the new CBA was adopted. So he still would need approval from the commissioner to play again.

The Cowboys made Gregory a second-round choice in 2015, but he has played only 28 games over three seasons, making 45 tackles and seven sacks.

12 responses to “Report: Cowboys “all but given up hope” of Randy Gregory’s reinstatement

  1. I think it is more that they don’t care one way or the other over have “given up all hope”.

    If he comes back, they’ll use him. If he doesn’t, they have others to play until he gets reinstated later.

  2. 24601jvj says:
    It is time for Goodell to reinstate this man!

    If the NFL reinstated Aldon Smith to play in Dallas, yet the Cowboys have “all but given up hope” that Randy Gregory will be also allowed to play, chances are good both the team and the league are aware of something regarding Mr. Gregory that you are not.

  3. C’mon, give him another chance. It’s not like he is doing much wrong –Josh Gordan

  4. The problem isn’t Gregory’s 4 suspensions and ( at least ) 8 failed drug tests.

    The problem is a system that punishes a person who has a clinically diagnosed anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder.

    Marijuana helps him and the NFL is so rigid, it won’t allow any breathing room.
    It’s sad to see but, ultimately, this is a societal issue and not a substance “ abuse “ issue.
    If he had popped for drugs other than marijuana, I’d tend to agree but it sounds like he has a clinical issue that should be handled between him and his psychiatrist… not the NFL

  5. If he had even the slightest infraction, he would not have filed for reinstatement.

  6. It’s odd that a multi-billion dollar corporation is going to continue to punish a man for commiting a victimless rule violation that is no longer a rule violation. Getting caught with marijuana is a misdemeanor in most states, and very few are prosecuting at this point. Pushing a woman down and kicking her is a felony. Our antiquated justice system has figured out which crime is worth pursuing, and it’s a shame the NFL hasn’t.

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