Trademark issue complicates Washington’s name change

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Washington will keep its current name until it has a new name. So when will it have a new name?

That hinges in large part on the ability to secure federal trademark protection for the new name and video. As explained on Sunday, trademark squatters have complicated the issue.

Martin McCaulay currently has secured (or tried to secure) the following names in recent years: Americans, Bravehearts, Federals, Forces, Founders, Gladiators, Monuments, Natives, Pandas, Pigskins, Red-Tailed Hawks, Renegades, Sharks, Veterans, Tribe, Redtails, Monuments Veterans, Renegades, Red-Tailed Hawks, Americans, and Red Wolves.

As of 2015, McCaulay said that he’d spent $20,000 on the effort to secure trademark rights to alternative names. In an unverified Twitter account (which nevertheless seems to be legitimate), McCaulay claims he has offered to give the teams the trademarks at no cost.

“Started out because I thought it would be funny to register Washington Pigskins then this unusual hobby of mine got out of control,” McCaulay tweeted on Sunday night. “I am a fan of watching the team on TV and went to one game last year. It is not meant to be adversarial.”

McCaulay notes that one option that has emerged in recent days — Red Wolves — currently is the subject of litigation between a Chattanooga soccer team and Arkansas State University.

However it plays out, it’s not going to be cheap and it’s not going to be easy and frankly it’s Daniel Snyder’s own fault for waiting this long to do what needed to be done to lay the foundation for a new name.

29 responses to “Trademark issue complicates Washington’s name change

  1. I hope that Snyder chooses a name that isn’t one of the ones that McCaulay registered.

    McCaulay said that it’s a hobby. It’s not, He’s trying to make a profit off of names that he has no right to own.

  2. Lol. I love watching Snyder suffer, as well as their dump of a team and fan base. Never could get anything right

  3. If that guy’s squatting on a name that Snyder wants, then take that guy to court. Sure, the trademark laws may be on the guy’s side, but the attorney fees will bring him to his knees. Snyder doesn’t have to, but he can offer him free tickets or some other perks for a number of years in some kind of settlement.
    The reason people like him squat on names is because they hope for a payoff someday. If he gets nothing for holding the name, then what’s the point?

  4. We’re having “trademark issues”, so until they are figured out….

    We will remain the Washington Redskins. We’re in no hurry.

  5. This is silly speculation. A squatter is not preventing anything – in the long term – the squatter has zero protection.

  6. Glad they didn’t let things like property ownership and trademarks to get in the way of removing the name. These days there’s no time for laws.

  7. I don’t see ‘Warriors’ on the squatter’s list.

    Even if some other squatter has it, give THAT guy the briefcase of money. This McCaulay guy sounds like he wants either fame or a large payout.

  8. They’ve played like the Washington Generals since Snyder has been in control, so seems fitting

  9. McCaulay claims he has offered to give the teams the trademarks at no cost.


    Sharktank has turned everyone into a player. No cost for the name but even 0.01% of the licensing would put this guy on easy street.

  10. Lol, there are thousands of names to pick from. Snyder isn’t losing sleep over a guy picking up a few of them.

  11. “Carla Fredericks, the Director of the American Indian Law Clinic and Director of First Peoples Worldwide, said she did not want to see the Redskins pivot to a name such as the Warriors. She said it would be considered a tie-in to Native Americans.” -ESPN

    I guess that sentiment is why Snyder dropped his trademark application for the ‘Warriors’ name last year.

  12. Good for McCauley to have the vision and resources to grab potential names and trademarks. Snyder should just pay up and end it. He’s already gave up the former name and now McCauley has the leverage, It’s not personal, it’s business. Snyder, of all people, should understand that.

  13. McCaulay said that it’s a hobby. It’s not, He’s trying to make a profit off of names that he has no right to own.

    To the uninformed: trademarks have been around longer than Sharktank. Trademark squatting started in the 1800’s…

  14. He Forgot Washington Warriors! It honors the tribes and the military all at once.

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