Beer pong gone wrong resulted in Post Malone getting tattoo of Patrick Mahomes’ signature

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The half-billion-dollar man has found himself under the GQ microscope, a hot seat that has caused other football players to say things they may regret. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes avoided that in the new feature for the magazine. But Mahomes did tell an interesting story about a beer pong game with Post Malone.

Malone was in town for a show on the same day of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade. As explained by Clay Skipper of GQ, Malone invited Mahomes for a visit before the performance began. Mahomes brought Malone a red jersey, and then Malone challenged Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce to a game of beer pong.

Mahomes and Kelce began to win, and Malone began to get upset; Malone told Skipper that the rapper is a “pretty f–king competitive beer pong player.” Malone kept changing partners in the hopes of changing his luck against Mahomes and Kelce.

Skipper explains that Malone’s manager said after nine or 10 games that it was time to start the show. Malone refused, wanting to win a game before ending the beer-guzzling marathon. At game 14 or 15, Malone asked Mahomes and Kelce to sign their names on a piece of paper, telling them he’d have their autographs tattooed on his body if they beat him again.

And they did.

“He has a tattoo artist literally in the room,” Mahomes told Skipper. “I’m like, ‘Dude, you do not actually have to get a tattoo of our autographs.'” But Malone honored his promise and got the tattoos.

So between the Super Bowl parade and the Post Malone beer pong contest, how much beer did Mahomes drink that day? Skipper put the over-under at 20, and Mahomes said, “Way over.” With a caveat: “[H]alf the beers were on my clothes.”

Half the beers were on his clothes, and his signature as scribbled after more than 20 beers will always be on Post Malone’s body.

15 responses to “Beer pong gone wrong resulted in Post Malone getting tattoo of Patrick Mahomes’ signature

  1. Imagine being upset that you are losing to Patrick Mahomes in an activity that involves throwing. I mean who saw that one coming!

  2. Thats awesome. Hes still living, AND winning. I cant fault Mahomes for that.

  3. Challenging professional athletes to games that require a lot of hand-eye coordination is not a great idea.

  4. I was just starting to respect Malone after watching his live stream Nirvana tribute (which was surprisingly good) on YouTube. But, sadly, after hearing about this Mahomes tattoo and seeing him in a Kansas City Ronald McDonald jersey, I am back to square one on him. Such is the life.

  5. AFW AFW says:

    20? Wade Boggs does 20 beers as a warmup.


    I drank with Wade Boggs once the man is a machine.

  6. Post Malone is probably thrilled to get that tattoo. Now he has permanent proof that he hung out with someone way cooler than him.

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