Bill Belichick records a Subway commercial, apparently

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Quick, who’s the coach you’d least expect to be doing a commercial for Subway or pretty much any other product? Well he’s doing one.

Via NBC Sports Boston, Patriots coach Bill Belichick was spotted outside a Subway shop in Branford, Connecticut, with camera crew and all the other objective evidence that Belichick involving in something that was being filmed.

It’s an unusual turn for the notoriously reticent and private coach. But money talks, and enough of it could get Belichick to talk, too.

Besides, with the rules for training camp still unresolved, it’s not as if there’s anything Belichick can be doing to prepare for the launch of football season. Once the rules are known, he’ll undoubtedly be back in a #NoDaysOff posture.

22 responses to “Bill Belichick records a Subway commercial, apparently

  1. Remember those beer commercials that featured “the most interesting man in the world “? This one apparently features the “least interesting man in the world “

  2. Surprised Bob Kraft wasn’t available. If anyone knows about a $5 footlong, it’s him.

  3. Wow, just the mention of BB gets the haters juices flowing. See ya at the Super Bowl.

  4. donbat67 says:
    July 14, 2020 at 5:37 pm
    He was just filming how the make sandwiches so he can steal the recipes .


    Right. Those Subway sandwiches are pretty complex. Gordon Ramsey might be able to handle making a footlong, but a novice chef should focus on mastering his or her boeuf bourguignon before even attempting a Subway sandwich

    And did someone just suggest Belichick is an uninteresting person? For real?Jeez, what I wouldn’t give to be able to pick Belichick’s brain…

  5. As much as I love coach Belichick, I’m not eating at Subway. They seem to be getting what ever they paid for him considering the ads haven’t even aired yet.

  6. “But money talks, and enough of it could get Belichick to talk, too.”

    I’m pretty sure Bill Belichick does not need money from allegedly making a Subway commercial.

  7. I hope he got paid upfront! Subway doesn’t seem like it will be around much longer.

  8. Coach already makes a mean PB and j maybe hes branching into other sandwich arts.

  9. Their sandwiches are no frills, budget friendly, and you can easily fit a couple into the pouch on the front of your hoodie. Plus, Ernie probably calculated that Bill could save 2 minutes by stopping at the Subway on the way home as compared to Chipotle or Panera. It’s a match made in heaven. Remember, this is the same guy that brought Rodney Harrison in for a visit and wined and dined him at… the Ground ‘Round.

  10. jr4real says:
    July 14, 2020 at 6:39 pm

    I hope he got paid upfront! Subway doesn’t seem like it will be around much longer.


    Subway is the largest chain in the world, with more locations than McDonalds. Considering the social movement toward healthier eating.They arent going anywhere anytime soon.

  11. 2 other posters are both correct. Subway has the most locations and they are losing money.

  12. I love that Ground Round story.

    All I would add is that Harrison loved it. All football, no bs. For Bill, that’s the type of guy he wants and that’s a great way to verify it.

    I once got a job because I ordered a sardine sandwich at the lunch interview. My boss told me that sealed the deal — the balls to order sardines was just what he wanted.

  13. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    July 14, 2020 at 5:40 pm
    Good for Bill. Brady fan boys will now boycott Subway

    Says the guy that’s not a Patriots fan but made a fake name so people would think he was.

    “Fanboy” the go crybaby phrase

  14. Subway is healthy? Lmao yeah, ok. Tell me again how eating a whole loaf of bread to yourself is healthy 🤦‍♂️

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