Inside the Chris Jones deal

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Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones has a long-term deal. But not the kind of long-term deal that Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes signed last week.

Mahomes is under contract for 12 years after signing a 10-year extension. Jones, whose rookie deal had expired, is under contract for only four.

It’s a four-year, $80 million deal, with $60 million functionally guaranteed, based on the structure.

He gets $16.26 million in 2020 (with no signing bonus), $21.5 million in 2021, $22.374 million in 2022, and $20 million in 2023.

Surprisingly, the Chiefs agreed not to insist on having a fifth or sixth year on the contract. Those final years provide a one-way benefit to the team; if the player is still playing at a high level, the team happily keeps him. If he isn’t, they cut him loose. For Jones, after four years he’ll be back at the table again.

Of the $80 million, 47 percent of it ($37.626 million) is fully guaranteed at signing. Roughly 70 percent ($55.75 million) is functionally guaranteed by the second year of the deal. By April 2021, Jones will pocket $37 million or nearly half of the full value of the contract.

Beyond the $80 million, he can earn $1.25 million per year in sack incentives, giving the deal a maximum value of $85 million.

Given that the pandemic is creating plenty of uncertainty, it’s a deal that ensures Jones will be with the Chiefs for four more seasons while also giving him the chance to hit the market before he turns 30.

29 responses to “Inside the Chris Jones deal

  1. So far Brett Veach has been outstanding as a GM. Let’s hope he can keep it up and keep a winning team together.

  2. Is it poaaible Bret Veach wraps up GM of the year before the pre-season starts?

    Retained Watkins, Robinson, & Breeland on team friendly deals

    Made Chris Jones happy in a situation where he was on the verge of going AWOL.

    Signed the biggest contract in sports history for the best player in the league that somehow turned out to be very team friendly.

    When most teams hemorrhage players after a SB win, the Chiefs are largely intact.

    Brett Veach. Doing good work. Damn son. Take a bow.

  3. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    July 14, 2020 at 5:45 pm
    Welcome to cap hell


    Mahomes and Jones are players you happily go into cap hell for.

  4. so now teams are going to have to pay 35m to a qb, 18m to a wr and 20m to a pass rusher. thats 73m for 3 players at the minimum

  5. 2 great signings for the Chiefs.
    Have to ask though – (about) $60 mil tied up in 2 players per year ?
    That’s going to make for some tough decisions on the rest of the roster, for sure.

  6. All well and good except anyone can open a checkbook like Elway and the sink the team for years. We have seen these mistakes so many times.

    Anyone applauding such horrible economic management is clueless and just doesn’t understanf business. One BIG reason why NE formed 2 dynasties was for that reason. It’s because of BBs cap brilliance as much as the coaching. He nevet fell in love with players who could see a bloated price tag. He just drafted a new person. KC failed.

    With the cap going down in 2021 for the first time in the 27 year history with a cap league such as this the Chiefs are drunk with a sb hangover and in serious trouble in the immediate future. It’s what you don’t want to do.

    Just look at the numbers. Why would you think it’s good to be paying all the key drafted players 4 times amount at once with imported, bloated contracts as opposed to what you were just paying them to get you to a sb? lol It makes no sense.

    You have to wonder who gets dealt now or cut elsewhere weakening the team’s continuity past 2020.

    It’s literally the worst news possible if you are a a Chiefs fan when the money is wasted with Clark, Watkins, Fisher and Mathieu, pushing them to the cap even before the draft in May.

  7. Mahomes said he would leave money on the table for his teammates and he did.

    Chris Jones said he wanted to stay with the Chiefs knowing there’s more money out there, and he did. He also knows, let’s assume, that pro bowl players with multiple Superbowl wins get into the NFL Hall of Fame. Eight Chiefs are in from their one Superbowl win.

    Both guys did what they said they’d do. It’s unusual and refreshing.

  8. touchback6 –

    You pay people you just won the Superbowl with “four times more” to help you win four more Superbowls…

    And, Mahomes isn’t getting much more for the next two years, and, the Chiefs have to try to win without the benefit of filming other teams. It’s tough out there…

  9. looks like a wait and see deal to determine who or how many good players
    get chopped off.

  10. Anyone else think Travis Kelce will want to renegotiate his deal before it ends after next year?

  11. Honestly, I do not like to post about other posters, I think it is rude. However, when you see somebody that possibly needs help, I believe it is your human duty to reach out.

    tb6 are you okay bro? There are many 1-800 help hot lines out there. I know the Chiefs are unbelievable awesome so it is okay to obsess, but there reaches a point man. Any way God bless and good luck on your journey.

  12. Many here gave the Chiefs little chance to sign Mahomes to the deal he signed last week without roster wrecking consequence. Subsequently many here advised that Jones was gone. No cap room. Can’t have all these blue chip contracts on def…Yada, yada, yada. Next week, new fallback prediction of doom.

    With virtually the whole team returning it seems this GM is a wizard and all haters here hate it. Or this GM is really lucky and all the haters here hate it!

    Meet the new Champs! Same as the old Champs???

  13. Not surprised they didn’t go after option years 5 and 6. At that point he will probably be to expensive to keep. If he still likes it here maybe he’ll give a hometown discount. He’ll be rich way before then anyway.

  14. should have asked his agent to find a trade partner and ask for a first rounder for the chiefs and get Chris as much as possible
    how many years is hill still under contract?
    contract hell for years.

  15. Cap hell after a SB is better than what most teams do only to never get there.

    Cap Hell is fine when you have superstars wrapped up for 3 years.

    Mahomes, Clark, Jones, Mathieu, Hill, Kelce, Watkins all secured for the foreseeable future. Sure you lose some mid-tier guys but with that base, low-tier guys look better, and get better with players of that caliber around them.

  16. Experts are calling it the opposite of cap hell ..

    All these couch capologists apparently know more than the folks who know ..

  17. When did Elway break the bank? He got Von Miller at $19M/year and Peyton at $20M/year. Miller won SB 50 MVP and in his four years at Denver, Manning took them to two SBs and in 2013, Manning lead Denver to the highest scoring offense ever in the NFL. Break the bank? Hardly. Denver has always had cap space.

  18. Looks like the Chiefs front office is still working though the coronavirus, they locked up their best player on both offense and defense.

    Congrats to Chiefs fans! I wish my Broncos were in another division… though we have some promising young players also.

    Hopefully we’ll have an opportunity (this year) for the two teams to go head to head. Bet it will be a shootout…

  19. Lets be candid here!!! If Chris Jones didn’t Return it wouldn’t have change a darn thing since he has miss games and its like whatever, They even came back down 24-0 in the playoffs against the Texans and won 51-31 where Chris Jones DID NOT PLAY IN THAT GAME.

    The bottom line is they could have traded Chris Jones and the money save from paying him go and sign Clowney, Who at this point they could have signed for 10-12 mill and still have money left over to do other things.

    In Patrick Mahomes 36 starts so far in his young career he has yet to lose a game by more than a score. All the defense needs to do is try not to cough up leads in the dying moments of games where all your QB can do is watch the clock run out. Just like how i felt they overpaid for an always injured Sammy Watkins they drop the ball here also.

    Any type of big ticket spending moving forward by KC should be for the OFFENSIVE-LINE period.Since all other positions you can address with the DRAFT and by low-cost free Agents.

  20. Not sure KC beats SF if they don’t have Jones batting down balls. He’s valuable enough to keep and plays a different position than an overstated/often injured Clowney.

  21. He’s a great player coming into his prime years, at a core position. If you don’t break the bank for guys like him, then your philosophy has to be that you just don’t do it for anyone who’s not a QB. Works for some teams.

    But if I was a KC fan, I’d be just fine w this.

  22. deadinbed says:
    July 14, 2020 at 7:17 pm
    When did Elway break the bank? He got Von Miller at $19M/year and Peyton at $20M/year. Miller won SB 50 MVP and in his four years at Denver, Manning took them to two SBs and in 2013, Manning lead Denver to the highest scoring offense ever in the NFL. Break the bank? Hardly. Denver has always had cap space.

    5 8


    Umm, he bought Talib, Welker and numerous other free agents.

    I believe he paid Welker 12 mil per who was useless and they barely got past an injured NE team at home.

    Denver was well known at that time to have a top heavy roster. They barely beat NEs B squad in 2015 because Gostkowski missed an extra point.


    Again, anyone can write checks. One title and a top heavy roster due to bloated contracts.

    Watch..KC will never win another sb with this particular group.

  23. edukator44 says:
    July 14, 2020 at 5:52 pm
    so now teams are going to have to pay 35m to a qb, 18m to a wr and 20m to a pass rusher. thats 73m for 3 players at the minimum

    Good players will want those amounts. Great players will want more than those amounts. Teams will have to decide if the player is worth the amount; they have the choice to pay or let the player walk.

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