Lamar Jackson on Patrick Mahomes: “I’ve got to get where he’s at”

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Patrick Mahomes was a backup for most of his rookie season, won the league MVP in his second NFL season and won the Super Bowl MVP in his third season. Lamar Jackson wants to follow the same path.

Jackson, the Ravens quarterback who started off as a backup as a rookie in 2018, then won the league MVP in 2019, said he’s eyeing Mahomes and hoping his career follows the same trajectory.

“I’ve got win to the Super Bowl, I’ve got to get where he’s at,” Jackson said on ESPN.

Jackson and the Ravens entered last year’s playoffs as the Super Bowl favorites, but they were upset in the divisional round. Jackson said he has moved beyond that.

“It’s over. I don’t dwell on losses. That was in January,” Jackson said.

But this year, Jackson is hoping for a postseason that ends with a win, and a Vince Lombardi Trophy.

40 responses to “Lamar Jackson on Patrick Mahomes: “I’ve got to get where he’s at”

  1. Keep your goals high Lamar and prove the naysayers wrong. They say you can’t throw because you can run and 2018 sticks in their mind, but that was your rookie season. Mahomes rode the bench his rookie season. During the spring and summer of 2019, you worked on your game relentlessly and showed a vast improvement.
    Your hard work paid off, you were the #2 rated passer from the pocket, #1 in TD passes and won MVP. And yet, you still have critics everywhere. You are not the first QB to lose 2 playoff games, so keep your head up in your very young career.

  2. Great attitude, great kid, great player. He’ll get his ring sooner rather than later.

  3. Here’s some advice Lamar. Run less, throw more. Stay healthy and be a team player with your contract.

    Mahomes is going to be too expensive in a few years to have a quality team behind him.

  4. I’m sorry, Lame. Patrick has talent and you don’t. Try all you want, but you’ll always be a gimmick. Patrick is a REAL QB.

  5. I really like Lamar. If we didn’t hit the lottery with Mahomes he definitely would be the QB I’d be envious of the most, but he really needs to win a playoff game to keep up. A playoff loss his rookie year isn’t a big deal at all, last years loss to TN was a bad combination of the ENTIRE team overlooking an opponent and that opponent being a red hot underdog. I don’t really blame him as much as the coaching. Year three though, what he does in the playoffs is going to start affecting people’s opinion of him for good or bad. Can’t be one and done 3 years in a row without it effecting both peoples perspective and possibly contract/money leverage. Best of luck to him this year. He’s a stud.

  6. Lamar, you don’t have the skill set. The only QB in the league that does is Josh Allen.

  7. it appears the word “I” could be his favorite word. he had a fantastic year however all the defensive coordinators have had a full off season to come up with a defense to counter his style, it will be an interesting year if we have a season to see how he does this year.

  8. You know, I know I’m biased because I’ve been a Ravens Fan since 1998 (7 years old), but I just love this dude. He’s humble beyond his years, he says all the right things, he puts in the work to consistently make strides to better his craft, and the majority of the league’s fans trash him. I just don’t understand it.

    I’m proud to have this kid as the face of my favorite team! There are at least 28 teams in this league that would love to have him.

  9. It’s possible. LJ has a great skill set, but Mahomes is on another level.

  10. You can forget about that Lamar you don’t have the arm or the accuracy he does

  11. I agree ravenscaps48. He’s doing everything right on and off the field. Not a lot of people would show his level of commitment to his craft or maturity at 23 years old. The comments from people on this site don’t reflect the larger public option. People come here to trash talk so naturally nearly every comment, especially for someone as electric as him, will be negative.

  12. Good luck Jackson. You don’t have accuracy, poise, and leadership abilities PM does. You were a whiny mess vs Tenn & you will get hurt running 200x a yr, guaranteed. Plus, defenses are gonna catch up to you, very soon. But hey, good luck for trying.

  13. Wasn’t his fault the team lost in January, their run defense was atrocious!

  14. Never gonna happen, doesn’t have the passing skills. Nobody has explained that to him

  15. correctingerrors says:
    July 14, 2020 at 9:49 am
    Wasn’t his fault the team lost in January, their run defense was atrocious!

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    Pats had a vastly superior gameplan, allowed only 14 point and 87 passing yards. It’s just that Brady sucked beyond belief again.

  16. Going to be tuff for either one of these guys to get anymore rings with Dwayne Haskins in the way

  17. As a Steelers fan, if that means you going to Kansas City, I’m all for it 🙂

  18. Needs to mature on and off field.
    (Crying in titans game, tackle beach football in offseason)

    Improve deep ball and sideline accuracy.

    Stay calm and poised in playoffs.

    Run less. Get out of bounds more when he does.

    Make those improvements and he will be unstoppable. He almost already is.

  19. Mahomes first year as starter loses in OT to the Pats in the AFCCG .

    2nd year as starter wins the Superbowl. Nuff Said…

  20. Clinton says:
    July 14, 2020 at 11:26 am

    Mahomes first year as starter loses in OT to the Pats in the AFCCG .

    2nd year as starter wins the Superbowl. Nuff Said

    And your point is? Lamar said he wants to get where Mahomes is. You conveniently left out the part where Mahomes sat the bench his first year. Wasn’t good enough?

  21. ariani1985 says:
    July 14, 2020 at 10:10 am

    Had the worst QB rating from the pocket.

    Is this a joke? He was #2 rated from the pocket, actually #1 for most of 2019. Had a lot of throwaways when Ravens had big leads.

  22. “I’ve” got to win the Super Bowl? The team wins the Super Bowl, not the QB, Lamar.

    You have had a great start to your career, but Mahomes is looking like he is other worldly. You will likely never be at the level of Mahomes collectively as a QB, but most other QB’s won’t be either, so it is what it is.

  23. grant35 says:
    July 14, 2020 at 9:38 am

    Good luck Jackson. You don’t have accuracy, poise, and leadership abilities PM does. You were a whiny mess vs Tenn & you will get hurt running 200x a yr, guaranteed. Plus, defenses are gonna catch up to you, very soon. But hey, good luck for trying.

    So much hate. PM is the top, no doubt, but these are entirely 3 different playerd.
    Get hurt? Ah, that would be Mahomes. Defenses catch up? Catch up to what? You can’t stop the Ravens run game. There are no special X’s and O’s to what the Ravens do. They lost The playoff because Ingram was hurt and that threw the offense off balance.

  24. Hahahaha, Lamar can’t even throw an accurate pass from the pocket he will NEVER be on Mahomes level

  25. Mahomes is a generational talent. LJ is not. LJ has the arm talent of an average NFL QB at best. Fun to watch, but hard to win Super Bowls with.

  26. correctingerrors says:
    July 14, 2020 at 9:49 am
    Wasn’t his fault the team lost in January, their run defense was atrocious!

    That’s partly true. When he was on target, he receivers couldn’t catch it but he was off target a lot in the first half. He also wasn’t able to run well until some injuries happened on the Tennessee defense. Right there his biggest asset, leg, failed him then came his accuracy. The Ravens were not built to be a comeback team, they were built to stop scoring and punish with the run game.

  27. As a Browns fan, I hate the Ravens, but I love LJ.

    He has unreal open field skills (just amazing to watch) and he made strides with his passing last year. I think he’ll be fine, but my only worry is that all it takes is one mistimed juke and he could get nailed pretty hard. His frame is pretty small, so he just needs to avoid contact when he runs. So far so good.

    His passing will be good enough to keep defenses honest. Kudos to Baltimore for fitting their scheme to him and not trying to shoehorn him into something he’s not.

    If he can be more like Russell Wilson (getting rid of the ball quickly and avoiding contact as much as possible) and less like Cam or Mariota (taking far too many hits when running) he’ll be fine.

  28. Saying it is a lot easier than doing it. Especially since Mahomes has already admitted he is just now starting to be able to read defenses. Imagine what will happen when he gets better.

  29. Seeing lots of comments comparing LJ’s skills to Mahomes. He didn’t say he wanted to be Mahomes, he said he wants to achieve the same goals. I applaud him for that and every Ravens fan should feel good that their QB has that kind of drive and motivation.

    I am thrilled that my Chiefs are where they are and look forward to many years of playoff football and as many Super Bowls as possible. That said, I also look forward to the competition between Mahomes and LJ. It’s gonna be fun to watch.

  30. LJ couldn’t have landed into a better team, coaching & overall situation. I do like his attitude and hope to see him improve. It’s about the 6 inches between the ears, with a bit of mechanical tune-up. All the best to him, is fun to watch.

  31. Lamar the majority of football fans fear you. Your success tears at their insecurities. They feel more you gain as a QB, they less they have. Lets be honest they feel the QB position is a white man’s position. With the new influx of relevant Qb’s being black, patrick mahomes is the closet thing they have to the a good ole boy, and you are the furthest thing. so nothing you do will be enough for them. You lead your team to a playoff birth while PH wasn’t even a starter. All they can see is the playoff loss, not the fact that you literally saved a season due a Superbowl Vet struggling. Then in you second season, they blamed the success of your play action fake due to your dark skin and not being able to see the ball. They attributed your touch down passes to your legs, but they never attributed touch down passes to the legs of white mobile QB’s. They will always find a reason to attack you. you existence proves that the QB position was never played at its highest level. In 100 years of football no QB has ever thrown for over 3,000 yards, and rushed for over 1,000 yards with 36 touch downs thrown. These number say that you averaged a touch down or better every 100 yards gained. You ran the most efficient offense’s during the regular season. Ultimately you guys didn’t beat the Titans.. Your defense laid down, and the offense struggled. But a loss is a Loss, and Pat Mahomes won the Big game.. and even in my book that puts him above you. but it isn’t by a landslide like they are making it seem. Pat Mahomes is great but we’ve seen that before, you are revolutionary WE HAVE NEVER SEEN Lamar Jackson. so keep pressing, make Baltimore proud and win the big game, but never get down on yourself because when its all said and done 100 years from now THEY WILL REMEMBER LAMAR JACKSON, everyone else will just fade into what has always been

  32. Lamar, you aren’t Mahomes. Not even close. You are getting better, and you seem to have a good head on your shoulders. But until you improve your throwing mechanics and decision-making, you won’t win a Super Bowl. And before all you Ravens fans start throwing out irrelevant stats on Lamar’s last season and telling me how high his completion rate was and his passer rating and how unstoppable he was, just let me know if he has won a playoff game yet. When it actually counts. And don’t bother with the “he threw for 500 yards against the Titans” nonsense… he was terrible. He cost you the game with his turnovers, poor decisions, and inability to make clutch throws to closely-guarded receivers when it mattered. That’s his fatal flaw.

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