Philadelphia to cancel all large gatherings through February; Eagles are exempt

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The City of Philadelphia currently isn’t dealing with a major COVID-19 outbreak. And it wants to keep it that way.

Per multiple reports, Philadelphia officials are expected to announce on Tuesday that all large events and gathering will be canceled, through February 2021.

Some of the reports are confusing, creating an impression that only private facilities are exempt. Even though Lincoln Financial Field is owned by the city, the rule will not apply to Eagles games, but to public events like parades, festivals, and road races.

It’s hard to reconcile this new rule with the notion of a full or mostly full stadium for Eagles games. It suggests that, ultimately, the Eagles will (like plenty of other teams) have dramatically reduced capacity or no fans at all for 2020 home games.

UPDATE  2:48 p.m. ET: The Eagles thought they’d be exempt. They aren’t.

13 responses to “Philadelphia to cancel all large gatherings through February; Eagles are exempt

  1. if the NFL simply skirts the rule and allows fans at any substantially larger number than 1000 this will be a PR disaster. NFL is clearly sticking its heads in the sand on this one. Just go ahead and scrap fans for 2020…how can you have a conscious..and fans in the stands?

  2. Shouldn’t be an issue with capacity at 25%, Ticketholders were given the option to opt-out.

  3. First, santa had it coming; he was drunk.
    Second, Philadelphia had a huge problem early on but since we have a smart governor in PA who thinks science is a real thing, we are on the downslope.

  4. “Shouldn’t be an issue with capacity at 25%”

    Only if their stadium has a maximum capacity of 4,000. And the whole problem with the “opt out” argument is that the people attending will be interacting afterwards with plenty of other people who didn’t sign any waivers and would rather not catch what was going around at the stadium.

  5. Good news, it wasn’t actually Santa that was booed, it was just a guy dressed like Santa.

  6. You know there will eventually be big uproars in all these cities that are catering to nfl teams with these exemptions. So covid spreads because the nfl is above all but shut down a church gathering, wedding, fair ect… because they are not run by billionaires?

  7. There sure are a lot of hurt feelings here about Philly.

    But unless your team won a super bowl in the last 2 years, you’re just being bitter.

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