Top 2021 draft prospects may bail on 2020 college football season

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Although the decision eventually may be made for them, some of the nation’s top college football prospects could be planning to ditch the 2020 season and focus on the 2021 draft.

“If this [pandemic] really continues down the path that I think it’s going down, there is a very likely chance that there’s going to be some high-profile kids signing with agents in the next 60 days,” an unnamed NFL agent told Ben Standig of

Signing with agents would end their eligibility to play college football.

“They’re gonna bail,” another unnamed agent told Standig. “I mean, I’m recruiting some high-end kids. I talked to probably four of them last night, and they all echoed the same thing. Like, they’re done. This is over.”

The reality is that college football may be over before any player decides to end his college football career. The decision by multiple conferences to play only conference games feels less like a viable plan and more like the “bargaining” phase of the five stages.

Moving college football to the spring will only exacerbate the exodus, especially since the NFL isn’t inclined to move the draft from April.

For top prospects, missing the season won’t matter. The problem is that players, fueled by the praise of friends, family, and agents, tends to overrate themselves, resulting in 80 or 90 guys genuinely believing they’ll be among the top 20 players selected.

All it may take is one major domino to fall. If, for example, Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence (pictured) or Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields say, “I’m out,” plenty could quickly follow.

Again, it may not matter. Given the unrestrained growth in infection rates fueled by people who refuse to take the situation seriously and their special-place-in-hell media enablers who shamelessly have been downplaying the situation from the get go, it’s becoming more and more obvious that it will be ridiculously expensive at best and impossible at worst to ensure that all major college programs can conduct the kind of testing and turnaround needed to prevent the kind of outbreaks that will stop college football season before it even starts.

In this regard, it feels like “acceptance” is a week or two away, at the latest.

18 responses to “Top 2021 draft prospects may bail on 2020 college football season

  1. I like this for the fact that the draft will be that much more mysterious. Some teams are gonna pickup some under the radar steals.

  2. Can’t blame a college kid for wanting to go this route.

    It is somewhat hypocritical, though, that many NFL “fans” will have no problem with college kids opting out of their commitments due to COVID to avoid screwing their careers but in the same breath argue like hell that NFL players must be “forced” to freeze their commitments to their current teams if they do the same (even though the rules don’t work like that now).

  3. This is why no one like agents…“I mean, I’m recruiting some high-end kids. I talked to probably four of them last night…”

    Did you talk to 4, was it 5, probably 1 and you just inflated the number…

  4. the virus itself is not so much as the end of the college football season…. it is the dollar cost of the season long,ongoing,continual virus testing that is going to break the budgets of everyone from the D-1 ‘non power’ 5 ,all the way down to the NAIA programs…only the D-1 ‘Power 5’ are going to to be up for this testing protocol cost,but it would still be a financial challenge for them at best….

  5. Agents are like vultures. Swooping in before the victim is even dead. If I were a college Senior I’d wait till the season to be cancelled officially, if it even is. They have nothing to gain by throwing away their eligibility now.

  6. Yeah, who can blame them. Even if a season was to start, playing would only increase their exposure to the virus. Why risk it?

  7. If you are a guaranteed first round draft choice, you would be foolish to play. The potential to move a couple of picks higher is not worth the risk of injury.

  8. Any games played will feel more like scrimmages than actual games. Why risk these kids? Cancel all seasons…

  9. I’m curious what is going to happen when the college and pro refs start to miss games due to contacting the virus.

  10. once college football goes, all the other non-revenue sports go w/ it. so long to your school gymnastics programs, swimming, baseball, track/field… this is just the beginning. college sports will need to completely re-invent themselves. on multiple levels.

  11. CFB season schedule:….. food for thought….
    Plan A 2020:………..canceled…
    Plan B: 2021 Spring…. mini 5 game season…(conditions permitting)….
    Plan C: 2021 Fall,and 2022 Fall:…9 game season,back to what the schedule model was back in the mid 1950’s….
    Plan D: 2023 Fall….backup to the 12 game season model??……..

  12. Mo Clarett and Mike Williams didn’t do so hot with a year off of football before entering the draft. I dont think its a choice you should make willingly. If you can play, you play. That on field development is more important than working out and playing against air.

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