Allen Robinson hasn’t heard from Bears about an extension

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Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson kicked off the offseason by saying that he’d like to stick around Chicago beyond 2020, but that it takes two to tango when it comes to a contract extension.

Robinson said that at the end of January and he’s yet to find a dance partner. Robinson was on ESPN 100 on Wednesday and said that there have not been any talks with the team about extending his deal.

“They haven’t. We haven’t heard nothing,” Robinson said, via “I think just as far as me and my agent, from a the conversations that we’ve had, we’re not necessarily anticipating hearing anything at this point. For us, we’re going into camp preparing ourselves to have a good year. If that comes up and they reach out to my agent, I’m sure they’ll have pretty good discussions and things like that, but again, that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it will happen. I can’t predict the future, so I don’t know if that will happen at all. For myself, with this being my second time going into a contract year, I know how to mentally prepare myself and I know how to block all that out.”

Robinson signed a three-year, $42 million deal with the Bears in 2018. He has 153 catches for 1,901 yards and 11 touchdowns over two seasons with the team.

4 responses to “Allen Robinson hasn’t heard from Bears about an extension

  1. He probably wouldn’t like their offer. Not much production for a huge salary the past 3 years.

  2. “We haven’t heard nothing,”.

    Looks like he won’t be teaching English after his football career

  3. bird33 says:

    He probably wouldn’t like their offer. Not much production for a huge salary the past 3 years.


    What are you talking about? AR has only been in Chicago for 2 years following a knee injury that occurred in his last year at JAX.

    Not much production? In his past 2 years with a below average quarterback, he has been targeted 248 times, 153/1901 and 11 TD, 12.4 YPC. Last year alone, he had been targeted 154 times (~10 times per game), putting up 98/1147 and 7 TD. 1147 is the 2nd highest YPG posted in his career. 71.7 YPG on an inept offense. Also, he ranked 3rd in the NFL for total targets, 14th in receiving yards, 16th in TD, and 7th in total receptions.

    Looks like solid production to me.

  4. This WR is good. Very good. He just hasn’t had much of a QB wherever he’s played.

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