Bills long snapper on face shields: First reaction is guys will hate it

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Negotiations between the NFL and NFL Players Association regarding the safety protocols that will be in place for training camp and the regular season are set to continue on Wednesday and one of many things being discussed is the use of face shields on helmets.

Oakley has developed a product that extends down the length of helmets and over the mouth to mitigate the spread of droplets that could contain the coronavirus. Texans defensive end J.J. Watt said he’s against wearing the shield during a recent appearance on the #PFTPM podcast and Bills long snapper Reid Ferguson doesn’t think Watt’s opinion will be an unusual one.

“First reaction: Guys will hate it, including myself for snapping,” Ferguson said, via the Buffalo News. “It will be hard to look through, especially with heat, sweat and fogging.”

Ferguson noted on Twitter that long snappers “use the bottom of face mask as their main vision area” and said it would take adjustments to get used to having shields there if they are mandated for use this season. It remains to be seen if that’s the case, but it seems likely that Ferguson and Watt will have company among those leery of such a change to their equipment.

10 responses to “Bills long snapper on face shields: First reaction is guys will hate it

  1. You can’t cover the nose and mouth with a face shield while playing football. it’ll be extremely hard to breathe as the game goes on, will fog up, and will be covered in spit. You sort of have to accept that players will be spreading germs/viruses to each other and deal with it, but it can’t be prevented on the actual playing field.

  2. I understand the concept, I understand the hesitancy to wear the shield also.

    But, wouldn’t it be a good time to put that shield on the OUTSIDE of the face mask cage? You can effectively eliminate face mask penalties.

    As a Lions fan, I’m all for that. No more phantom penalties that allow one last play for a ‘heroic’ Hail Mary…

  3. As a dentist who has been wearing a mask for 30 years… I wish these people would stop complaining!

  4. I’m tired of everything with this pandemic but probably most of all I’m tired of people who cannot fathom doing even the smallest of things differently than before. And it’s doubly annoying when guys like JJ Watt say they won’t wear shields but then in the very next breath complain that more isn’t being done to protect them.

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