Officials wonder how or if Bills fans can safely tailgate

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With the presence of fans in stadiums still very much of a question, another important (or sometimes more important) component is in danger as well.

According to Derek Gee of the Buffalo News, the Orchard Park Town Board discussed how to regulate what has become known as one of the top tailgating destinations in the NFL. Specifically, they’re worried about fans gathering in private satellite lots.

“I think our primary job is to make sure the residents here are as safe as they can be,” Councilman Conor Flynn said. “Allowing large parties in our community is not the type of risk we should be taking.”

Beyond the New Era Field lot, property owners will park cars and allow fans to tailgate from there. Often, those turn into wild bacchanals, in which furniture is at the same kind of risk as the concept of moderation.

That makes the ability to keep people socially distanced and safe seem almost quaint.

“We’ve had a difficult enough time getting people to not jump through flaming tables,” Flynn said. “I have concerns about our ability to enforce mask wearing in that sort of environment.”

The owner of one nearby lot said he’s heard very little demand from fans about the possibility of gathering if they can’t get into the game itself. That’s bad for his revenue stream, but probably a good sign for public health.

15 responses to “Officials wonder how or if Bills fans can safely tailgate

  1. That obnoxious, amateur-hour Bills Mafia, should have lost the right to tailgate since the day they gave themselves that painfully lame name.

  2. Kudos for the use of “bacchanals” in the piece.
    Who knows, jumping through a flaming table might turn out to be the cure for the virus.

  3. I mean their whole deal is lighting fired and body slamming people through tables so shouldn’t they be worried about safely tailgating regardless of coronavirus?

  4. “Bills Fans Safely Tailgate” – I think Websters have a new definition for oxymoron for their next edition.

  5. Looks like superfan is jealous that his fanbase isn’t as good as the Bills. Best fans in the NFL.

  6. Not to worried about tailgating. When there are not going to be fans in the stands.

    We will be lucky to get to see games at all at this point.

  7. Yes, I am worried sick about it myself. It has been really hard to sleep lately because of it.

  8. Every single home game results in new videos of people being knocked senseless crashing through tables but it’s Covid that finally makes them question safety. LOL.

  9. I wonder if there is a fan base in the NFL, with perhaps the exception of the Chargers, that doesn’t claim to be the best fan base in the NFL.

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