Titans, Derrick Henry reach four-year deal just before deadline

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Sometimes a deadline is what it takes to motivate both parties to get a deal done.

That appears to be the case with the Titans and Derrick Henry, who reached an agreement on a four-year contract just before the 4 p.m. deadline for franchise players to sign long-term contracts. If they hadn’t come to an agreement, Henry would have had to play this season on a one-year deal.

Instead, according to multiple reports, Henry gets a four-year, $50 million deal with $25 million guaranteed.

Now the question is whether Henry will prove to be worth it. Running backs have been devalued across the NFL as the passing game has become more important, and teams that sign running backs to big-money contracts often come to regret it.

In Henry’s case, he came on strong late last season and in the playoffs, and the Titans decided to double down on their late-season success. First they extended Ryan Tannehill, and now they’ve extended Henry. A year after making a surprise run to the AFC Championship Game, they’ll see if the same formula can lead them to the Super Bowl.

16 responses to “Titans, Derrick Henry reach four-year deal just before deadline

  1. This team can get their with Derrick Henry and RT17.

    They absolutely need a bigger impact from their defense, especially when they would reface KC. Their is no shame in not being able to beat KC but this year will be a weird one, if they can get home field advantage they stand a real shot at the SB.

    Go get it Tannehill.

  2. That sounds like a really reasonable deal for all involved and a great salute to what Henry has done for the team.

    With the Tannehill and Henry deals, the Titans are showing Dallas how it’s done. They give good but reasonable rewards to the guys who got them to the conference championship, deals which still allow team-building. Meanwhile, Dallas guaranteed twice that much money to a RB and is now wrangling with a QB who wants more money than Tannehill despite coming off an 8-8 nothing season.

  3. Seems reasonable. Not crazy money, the player gets some security and the team has him for 4 years. Win/win IMHO.

  4. Derrick just turned 26 in January. If he stays healthy he’ll be 29 at the start of the 4th and final year of the deal. We all know that a large number of backs seem hit a wall at or around age 30. He should be set financially for life and the Titans have a proven back in his prime on deal that averages out to 12.5 million per year. I think this a good/reasonable deal for both parties.

  5. Like Henry and the deal. That being said, the Titans will be an 8-8 team going forward. The cap is going down for at least the next 2 seasons according to reports, so giving that much money to Tannehill and Henry will hurt their ability to resign or sign defensive talent.

  6. No rooting interest here, but this is refreshing to see. Kudos to Henry and the Titans for getting this done and learning from what happened to Melvin Gordon and Le’Veon Bell.

  7. Derrick Henry will not become Zeke who after getting paid took a step back. However, the Titans may end up regretting paying Tannehill. In the playoffs when the Chiefs stopped Henry, Tannehill could not get it done.

  8. 25 million guaranteed for a rb that for hot for a few games. Titans I’ll regret this deal.

  9. You B. Crazy says:
    July 15, 2020 at 5:09 pm
    Like Henry and the deal. That being said, the Titans will be an 8-8 team going forward. The cap is going down for at least the next 2 seasons according to reports,

    Any “reports” that are out right now are pure speculation and posturing by ownership. The owners and GM’s aren’t going to want to cut a lot of high priced players to get under the cap and eat millions in losses guaranteed dead money. Ultimately, the league and the NFLPA will work something out where they borrow money from future years to level out the losses from Covid

  10. Pats & Ravens understand how good Henry is, arguably the best in the league. Hope he stays healthy for the long run, fun to watch.

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