Tom Brady adjusts to Buccaneers as Buccaneers adjust to Brady


The Buccaneers have a new quarterback, and quarterback Tom Brady has a new team. Both will have to adjust. Buccaneers receiver Scotty Miller says that the adjustments have been, to date, mutual.

“I think it’s been a little bit of both, honestly,” Miller told regarding the extent to which Brady is adapting to the Buccaneers Offense and the Buccaneers offense is adapting to Brady.

“Tom, obviously, has run like every offense you can possibly run, run every play you could possibly run in his 20 [years] in the league,” Miller said. “So Tom will do a great job coming in and learning. It’ll be no problem for him. And then Tom has little things that he likes. So I think it’ll be a healthy mixture of both. I think with Tom’s knowledge and our coaching staff’s knowledge, we’re going to be put in a great situation to be successful.”

Miller addressed the question of whether Brady is trying to adapt any of his new receivers to roles played by some of his past teammates.

“Not too much,” Miller said. “A lot of guys are comparing me to [Julian] Edelman, [Wes] Welker, all those kinds of dudes. But I’m a little bit different than those type of guys. Those guys play more in the slot; I play a little more outside. So I want to definitely play like those guys, but also have a little twist on it. I’m my own player, you know. I’m a different kind of guy. He hasn’t really said anything specific like that. You know, he’s just giving me tips on my game and I’m just going to try and learn from it.”

After 20 years of playing quarterback at a high level, Brady has plenty that he can teach. The process accelerates whenever training camp opens.

7 responses to “Tom Brady adjusts to Buccaneers as Buccaneers adjust to Brady

  1. Brady is accustomed to winning….the Bucs are not. The Bucs should take Brady’s lead and adopt his ethic

  2. just hope that they even get to play 16 games such that bb and brady can both collect some more Ws.

  3. This will not go well. You must protect an aging QB. Winston was sacked 47 times last year. With Brady flinching an seeing ghosts, there will be a lot of throwaways and bad throws. Arians offense has a lot of deep routes-gotta hold the ball Brady. No more dink and dunks.

  4. Arians offense has a lot of deep routes-gotta hold the ball Brady.



    That is because no other QB could dink n dunk 24 points.

    Don’t come back with “who can’t throw a 5 yards to a receiver(in front of defenders). No one said that throwing a 5 yards is hard.

  5. Brady wasted a historic defense and special teams last year with his poor play. If the trend continue in Tampa, he should seriously consider retiring. Hate to see legends hanging around too long and tarnish their legacy.

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