What is Dak Prescott’s future after not getting long-term deal?

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The Cowboys haven’t had many instances in franchise history when they weren’t able to reach agreement with a cornerstone player they desired to keep. But they didn’t get Dak Prescott signed to a long-term deal before Wednesday’s deadline.

Prescott becomes only the third NFL quarterback to play under the franchise tag, joining Drew Brees (2005) and Kirk Cousins (2016, 2017). Neither Brees nor Cousins signed a long-term deal with their respective teams, with Brees leaving the Chargers for the Saints and Cousins departing Washington for Minnesota.

Could this be the beginning of the end for Prescott in Dallas?

The sides have talked more than a year without coming to terms. It would cost the Cowboys $37.68 million to tag him in 2021, and in 2022, the transition tag goes north of $45 million and the franchise tag in excess of $54 million.

New coach Mike McCarthy will get to see Prescott for at least a year but maybe only for a year or two.

We have not heard from Prescott or anyone from the Cowboys’ front office, but Prescott’s brother, Tad, responded on Twitter immediately after the 4 p.m. ET deadline passed, questioning Dak’s future in Dallas.

“There is a reason I was never a @dallascowboys fan growing up or before they drafted @dak,” Tad Prescott wrote. “After today, who knows how much longer I’ll be cheering for them.”

Dak Prescott already signed the one-year franchise tender worth $31.4 million. Only three other players in team history — Flozell Adams, Anthony Spencer and DeMarcus Lawrence — have played on the tag.

47 responses to “What is Dak Prescott’s future after not getting long-term deal?

  1. What is Dak Prescott’s future after not getting long-term deal?


    I don’t know….go year to year on $30 Million/Year franchise tag deals? OH!!!….the Horror!

  2. Dak overplayed his hand. If Dak had a contract, McCarthy would “have” to tailor his system around Dak. Without a contract McCarthy can install the QB that best fits his system.

  3. Dak is now on a one year prove it deal. If he doesn’t improve, he’s gone.

  4. Teams with promising young players would be wise to sign them to extensions early, ex. Goff, Wentz and even Mahomes. Cowboys tried to save money by making him play the final year of his rookie contract. Now Dak has all the leverage (assuming he doesn’t get hurt) and they’ll either have to pay big time or let him go. Jones boys outsmarted themselves.

  5. Dak should have taken the deal. It was the best offer he’ll ever get, unless Jerry is foolish enough to tag him again.

  6. Time to move on. They should be looking for his replacement this off season. Worst case scenario you tag him one more year but after that you move on

  7. He is done as a Cowboys after they showed him so much disrespect. He should have been paid already.

  8. The Cowboys are being smart for once. I seriously doubt Prescott’s value is going to go up. He’s delusional about his worth.

    Here’s hoping we see some of Andy Dalton this season.

  9. ghjjf says:
    July 15, 2020 at 5:33 pm
    Since when was Dak considered to be a “cornerstone player”???


    since he came into the league and posted win totals and passing production that has only been topped by Tom Brady and Russell Wilson.

  10. Pretty sure this is due to McCarthy. Now, I didn’t want a retread coach replacing the red-headed nightmare but, obviously McCarthy is way, way smarter than either Jerrah or Stephen and he knows that Dak isn’t very good so he somehow convinced the Jones morons to give him a season to work with him and when McCarthy inevitably decides he wants a different qb it’ll be a clean break. As for Dak’s brother, who the hell cares what team he likes and doesn’t like.

  11. Over 30 mil a year for a guy who was 2-6 last year against winning teams and 1’playoff win. Jerry, you can find that production for a lot less money.

  12. Dak was the 135th pick in the draft, and had a solid team assembled around him during his rookie contract.

    Let’s not exaggerate his skillset based upon the talent around him. Dallas didn’t win because of Aikman, Aikman helped Dallas win. The same is true with Dak.

    One can argue that the Cowboys should have passed on CB Trevon Diggs with the 51st pick, and taken QB Jalen Hurts (who the Eagles took at 53). Four years of Hurts for $6,025,000, or Dak at $140M over four?

  13. I don’t think it’s too hard to figure out they are going to give Dalton a chance to show what he can do and he may eventually replace Dak as the starter this year. That leaves Dak out in the cold next year.

  14. Teams with promising young players would be wise to sign them to extensions early, ex. Goff, Wentz


    The rams would get out of Goff’s contract today if they could. The eagles may do the same with Wentz if they could. Smart teams have figured out you have virtually no chance unless you have a good QB on a rookie deal or a true franchise QB who can put the team on his back.

  15. We’ll see at the end of the season who was right and who was wrong. If Dak can play as well as Dak thinks he can, there should be a big payday at the end of the year whether with the Cowboys or another team. And if he is unable to perform at a high level then the Cowboys were right.

  16. Dak will regret turning down this $100 million contract. This was a bad move by his agent

  17. He’s getting plenty of money this year, and that’s not a bad deal for a run of the mill average quarterback who’s no leader, and certainly isn’t worth close to 30 mil a year

  18. The days of getting paid for stats are over. And please stop comparing him to the greats that have multiple SB appearances and SB wins.

    He’s been surrounded by superior talent his entire career.

    Enough. It was a great deal.

  19. I am an optimist by nature, but in this case not so much. My opinion is that both sides will come to rue the day when they couldn’t get together on a contract. If Dak is a free agent next year where does he sign? The dysfunction in Chicago, the malfunction in Cleveland, non function in Las Vegas, the always overly optimistic management in Denver, or the Irsay Circus in Indy?

  20. He’s lucky to have the one year deal under the tag. Look at the QB market this offseason. Anyone else going to give him over 30 million dollars? Dallas should have let him test the waters in free agency.

  21. Interesting play from Dak. He needs to have a really strong year and HOPE players around him perform at a high level in order to get the big payday. If the running game sucks he is in trouble. Watched him through college. He just can’t carry a team he needs help.
    Better get your popcorn

  22. Prescott is the very walking, breathing defiation of average Outside of Dallas everyone knows this. To pay this guy big money is just—well, you deserve what you get.

  23. He’s a product of his team. Great o-line, solid running back, and a couple decent receivers. And they still haven’t won squat.

  24. Dak has to lead the Boys to a Division crown and won a playoff game or get traded or cut after this seaeon. Negotiating leverage dissapears if Dak can’t win games.

  25. They can not win in the playoffs with just about anyone. dak is a good player, but clearly not the difference in the post-season.

  26. Dakota is getting bad advice from his representation, that’s what this boils down to… they aren’t setting him up with realistic expectations based on his talents and the ability to continually field a competitive team…it’s not like he put the team on his shoulders in any of the past four seasons and won anything of significance

  27. He’s worth Cam Newton money like 6-8 million one year incentive lined deal.

  28. The most bizarre thing about this whole situation is Jerry Jones actually exercising forward thinking and analyzing his team from a long term perspective.

  29. Jerry for some unknown reason was lead to believe zeke was the Super Bowl key, now he is stuck with for several overpaid years Dak did not get that luxury.

  30. He wants Mahomes money, but doesn’t win, especially when it matters.

  31. Back in the day, being the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys used to mean something. You were, without question, The Man in town. The Mavericks were awful, the Rangers might have had Nolan Ryan, but the QB of the Cowboys was The Man.

    With today’s “global branding” of athletes, and Texas not having a state income tax, I think Dak needs to understand the value of leading the Cowboys to success. The endorsements will come. Being a champion commands attention and compensation. Flacco made a fortune in BALTIMORE after merely captaining the ship to a Super Bowl title.

    Can you imagine the size of the check Jerry Jones would hand you, if you were to hand him a Lombardi Trophy?

  32. The level of entitlement in his brother’s tweet is repugnant.

    To be offended by being offered a 5-year, $33+ million/year contract after going 8-8?

    It’s disgusting. They should have drafted Hurts and let Prescott walk. I’m not sure he would have been signed at all, and probably not for within $10 mil of what the Cowboys have offered.

  33. Dak is the Andy Dalton of the NFC – will MAYBE get you to the playoffs but don’t count on a long run. A top 12 QB, at best.

  34. .

    they paid romo who accomplished nothing as a QB why not dak?
    why did they pay romo who showed no signs of being able to beat Mark Sanchez at playoff wins?

  35. Someone above said they should have drafted Jalen Hurts. Have you seen his throwing motion? It’s very Tim Tebow, with the windup prior to delivery. Hurts is a project at best.
    Dak at least has decent throwing mechanics.

  36. billinva says:
    July 15, 2020 at 5:00 pm
    A bunch of money from some other team that actually wants to win.


    really? Other than a good record against losing teams, What exactly has Dak won?

  37. .

    they paid romo who accomplished nothing as a QB why not dak?
    why did they pay romo who showed no signs of being able to beat Mark Sanchez at playoff wins??

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