Derrick Henry never doubted a deal would get done

Getty Images

Talks on a multi-year contract between the Titans and running back Derrick Henry came all the way down to the wire on Wednesday before the two sides were able to reach an agreement on a four-year extension.

Reports in the days leading up to Wednesday afternoon’s deadline indicated that a deal was unlikely, so the late agreement came as a surprise to many people. Henry wasn’t part of that group, however.

Henry spoke to reporters on a conference call Thursday and said he “didn’t have any doubt at all” that they would reach an agreement. He also said that he thought the COVID-19 pandemic made things “more hectic because of what’s going on and nobody knows really what’s going to happen.”

“I just thought the deal made sense for me, and if it gives us more room to bring in somebody else to help this team, I am all for it,” Henry said. “Any time you can improve your team at positions that we need, it is always a big benefit. Hopefully, if my deal possibly did that, hopefully we can bring somebody in that can help this team improve us more.”

The Titans came into the offseason with Henry and quarterback Ryan Tannehill set for free agency after a trip to the AFC title gam. They were able to get both of them signed for the next four seasons and hope that they can move even further before the two players move on.