Dolphins say no fans for camp or preseason, no tailgating at any point

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The Dolphins were one of the first teams to address how they’d welcome fans for home games when they shared mockups in May showing how they’d maintain social distancing at Hard Rock Stadium.

If those plans are going to be enacted, it won’t be until the regular season. The Dolphins announced on Thursday that they will not be welcoming any fans for training camp or preseason games this summer. They also announced that there will not be any tailgating allowed at the stadium at any point in the regular season.

As of now, the team is still hoping to have fans at games in the regular season, but CEO Tom Garfinkel said everything is subject to change at this point.

“Things are changing week to week and we are still more than two months away from our first scheduled regular season home game so we’ll wait and work with local authorities and make the determination about fans or no fans based on the data as we get closer; with the first priority continuing to be everyone’s health and preventing any spread of the virus,” Garfinkel said in a statement. “We’re ready for any scenario and feel very good about the diligence and attention to detail that has gone into creating the safest environment we can if we are able to have fans on September 20th.”

The Dolphins also announced that they would give season ticket holders priority when it comes to buying tickets to regular season games once a capacity for those games is determined. Those season ticket holders also have the option to roll over their payments to 2021 while retaining seat location and other benefits.