Lane Johnson thinks Carson Wentz is ready for a prime time season

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Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson made an appearance on NFL Network Wednesday and said that he believes “we’ll be contenders again” as long as the team avoids a run of serious injuries.

Johnson cited the team’s speed as reason to think that they can make a fourth straight trip to the postseason, but any hopes of a successful season will be tied to more than speed. They’ll also require strong play from quarterback Carson Wentz, who ended last season on the sideline with a concussion suffered in a playoff loss to the Seahawks.

Johnson thinks that ending will be motivating for Wentz when he’s back on the field this season.

“I think we all have something to prove every year,” Johnson said, via “Especially with how last year ended, him coming out early with the hit by [Jadeveon] Clowney, as far as just competitiveness, his drive, this is it for him. As far as having the pieces around him this year and really ready to click, I think he’s ready for a prime time season, and when he’s healthy, man, he’s so dangerous, and I think we’ll see more of that what you just saw across the screen.”

Injuries have marked the end of three straight seasons for Wentz and that leaves postseason success as the missing piece of the puzzle for 2016’s No. 2 overall pick. Finding a way to go the distance would be a step forward for both team and quarterback in 2020.

10 responses to “Lane Johnson thinks Carson Wentz is ready for a prime time season

  1. Wentz is fragile, and honestly I think he is WAY over-hyped.
    They went to the playoffs two years in a row (one of them a Super Bowl Victory) because of FOLES, not Wentz.

    I don’t get the hype on this guy.

  2. Good, because the rest of us have been waiting about 2-3 years for this to finally happen too…

  3. Wentz would last a long time and put up big numbers if they had a NFL caliber offensive line!

  4. Wentz is constantly injured, his run of injuries brings back memories of one Sam Bradford. Hopefully Wentz’s career doesn’t go the way of Bradfords but it doesn’t look promising going forward, the man just cannot stay healthy and on the field. He needs to find a way to avoid hits at all costs and try to play more strictly from the pocket. Bad things seem to happen to Wentz when he leaves the pocket and the protection afforded to him in the pocket by rule.

  5. One fun Super Bowl > Five Miserable Super Bowls

    As a fan however, I would rather my team have five miserable Super Bowls (6 now). I don’t really care if the spoiled players have fun at work. If you love the game “fun” shouldn’t dictate success. Success should dictate fun if you’re a competitor. That air headed Eagles team deserves every failure they’ve had since their Super Bowl win, and Wentz is the perfect QB for their mediocrity.

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