NFLPA announces 72 players tested positive for COVID-19 as of July 10

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The protocols for testing for COVID-19 once players report for training camp is one of the outstanding issues that the NFL and the NFL Players Association are still trying to iron out and the union provided some information Thursday about how many players have already tested positive.

According to the union’s website, 72 players tested positive for COVID-19 as of July 10. There’s no word on how many players have been tested overall, so it’s unclear what the positive rate is among players as they prepare to head into camp.

If all teams were maxed out at 90 players, that number would represent 2.5 percent of active players. Not every team has that many on their roster, so the percentage is a bit higher.

The NFLPA has also posted maps showing data about the number of cases in areas that are home to NFL teams. That information will be familiar to anyone who has been following the spread of the coronavirus as it shows Florida, Arizona, Tennessee and California, among other states, have seen sustained spikes in positive tests in recent weeks.

11 responses to “NFLPA announces 72 players tested positive for COVID-19 as of July 10

  1. The old “discretion is the better part of valor” saying is tried and true. Let’s heed it before it get outta hand.

  2. People are starting to test positive a second time after first testing positive, recovering and then negative, then back to positive several weeks later. How will the NFL handle this type of situation?

  3. Want no positives of course, but the more positives early the better. Those players who test positive early and get back 2 weeks later will be good to go for the rest of season

    A lot of positives on July 28th could be blessing in disguise. Again, not hoping for anyone to have the virus, but a lot of positives early in camp works in teams favor for the full season.

  4. Covid 19 is the flu that comes with added issues for certain people… that’s it end of story

  5. There may not be a vaccine for 5 years. There may never be a covid vaccine since one was not able to be developed for any previous strain. Lets play some ball. Cant wait for the 2020 season. We need to move on with life and get past this turd virus.

  6. They tested positive, but how many are sick? The young and the healthy – like football players, are not at risk for hospitalization or death. If they have at-risk family members they live with each player will have to make that decision of whether to play or not. The fear-mongering is off the charts

  7. NFL players don’t need to worry. They don’t happen to live in nursing homes in states with “D” governors.

  8. Look at all the brave warriors in the comments section willing to sacrifice a few players so they can watch the survivors play a sport.

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